Hi everyone! I’m Aminu Habibat Oyindamola and I have always written. I just didn’t know it. It took lots of unfinished books to realize I wasn’t really on a right track but now that the bulb is shining brightly in my head, I hope that I can use its light to lighten people’s lives in my own little way. I will be posting my books here for readers like myself to read. I will post them in parts. I hope that you feel the same way as I feel about these books. This blog is for those of us out there that have it but think they can’t do it. You can! This blog is for young and creative writers stroke ardent readers. This is for us.

The first book is Stakes: Change. Of Hearts


Oladipupo was a man that had been trying to make up for his past judiciously hoping he would learn to forgive himself someday. He thought he didn’t deserve anything good so nothing good could come his way till he met Tunmise and her beautiful daughter, Folorunso.

Tunmise was a single mother who because of the circumstances surrounding the death of her father and husband found it difficult to forgive. She thought she had everything she could ever need. Family, career… Till she met Dipo.

They had to learn forgiveness the hard way. Through love…

I hope it’s like a frisbee; you are fascinated but you dunno where it is going till it hits you.

You are free to comment or like any of the posts. It doesn’t take time to sign up. You can follow my blog by clicking the follow button at the bottom of this page.  

PS: I will be posting as the spirit leads- hopefully, at close intervals.  I wish I could be more frequent with it but I have a very demanding life. Please bear with me. God bless AHF readers!

9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Trust me, I was concerned so I went to see Olukwu the Native doctor and he told me that I should keep calm and that you will be visiting my blog soon. Naturally, I asked ‘when?’ but Olukwu and his hearing problem thought I asked ‘then?’ So he said you were going to leave an encouraging comment. He was right.


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