Stakes Ia

Please note that this ebook has been thoroughly edited on Okadabooks app though the stuff of the story still remains intact.

Chapter 1

Oladipupo Badmus was the envy of every young Nigerian man. They all wanted to be him when they grew up. He was a heart surgeon. He was strong, young, very good looking and successful. Successful not because he was wealthy- though he was very- but because he had one hundred percent success rate in his surgeries. It was unbelievable. But true . Over hundred heart surgeries and all his patients came out alive. In fact, to the world, Oladipupo’s parents must have pleased God exceedingly to have a son so successful. He was the envy of young men but he wasn’t unknown to the old too. They always referred to him when they wanted to encourage their children to be better. As he had many fans-both young and old- he had many haters carrying different rumours about how he went to India to do ‘juju’ or how he wasn’t human but extraterrestrial. As he was saving lives through numerous heart surgeries, he was also a philanthropist but none of these mattered. All that mattered was that if any of these people -both fans and haters- looked through the window of Oladipupo’s office, they wouldn’t believe it was the same man that represented everything to them. He was sitting on his well woven thick cream carpet, one leg outstretched, the other drawn toward his chest so that the front of his thigh is in contact with his chest. His back was resting against the side of his large mahogany desk, his tie was askew, his elbow on his raised knee with it dangling on its side. His eyes were puffy and red. He looked defeated. He looked miserable. He looked nothing like Oladipupo Badmus but he was. Seeing him like that, one would think he lost a lover and was bankrupt at the same. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that. Unfortunately because what turned him to a shell of the man he was five years ago was worse. Far worse. He watched the light passing beneath his door into his office from the hallway go off. It was 11pm. He stood up and switched on the light in his office. He checked his large brown wall clock that looked like a log of wood. Yep. 11pm. His security guard, Pat was as punctual as they come. You could set your time by what Pat was doing. It was that bad. He was that good. He walked accross his office to his window and looked out. It didn’t look like it was even 11pm at all. People were still moving about like it was 8am in the morning. He shook his head. City that never sleeps. Many of his mates would be out now in a club or beer parlor dancing the night away with a lady or two. He sighed. He focused on the lights shining brilliantly along the expressway but it wasn’t the lights he was thinking of…

“Oga, I think say you don go o” Pat shouted from downstairs. He must have noticed the light from his office. 

“I’m about to. Please tell Bayo to bring my car to the front. Thanks”

He walked back to his desk and started shoving documents into his briefcase.  He heard his car honk and rushed out of his office.

“Goodnight sir.” Bayo finished his secondary school education three years ago but hadn’t gotten admission into the University. He was his hospital’s valet till something came up.

“Yeah, Goodnight”

 Bayo was already out of the car and was holding the keys out to Oladipupo who collected it and hopped into the car.

He pressed down on his car’s horn. His gateman was as inefficient as his security guard was efficient. He pressed down again. 

“Oga take am easy o” Bayo said. Oladipupo tensed. “This one wey your eye red like this.”



“If I ever need your advice, I would let you know.”

His gateman was finally around and was opening the gate. As soon as it was wide enough, he zoomed out.

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  1. Nice. 😂😂 okay.. I got a new word ” askew”.
    And so I’m back with ur fancies😏.
    Keep up the good works #MakingWomanhoodProud💪

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