Stakes 1b

Tunmise Ogundipe was singing along with P!nk as crystal ball seeped melodiously out of her car’s stereo. She was in such a good mood today. In fact if anyone slapped her, she would just slap back and walk out unlike days where she would slap, blow and kick. She didn’t know where she got that character and she didn’t care. It rocked. Her mother was a coolheaded, turn the right cheek kind of woman. She didn’t understand why everyone wasn’t like her. Why would you watch someone mess with you and let them get away with it? In her  younger years when she was in the university, everyone knew her. They knew she was a force to be reckoned with when pushed. No one messed with her. Maybe that was what attracted her husband, Deolu to her. He was the total opposite of her. Their child, Folorunsho was just like her. Beautiful and feisty. No one could bully her. Even when she was still in diapers. That girl was going to be great. It wasn’t the sentiments of a mother. It was her intuition. Intuition that never failed her. That brought her to the level she was. She remembered how she started but look at her now. She was a well respected lawyer. She had even been featured in several magazines. Woman of Substance, Everywoman Boss, and even in Incarcerators. She was doing good. Her phone rang, bringing her out of her reverie. She turned down the volume of her stereo, picked up her phone and checked the caller ID.

“Hello, mum.”

“Don’t hello mum me!” Tunmishe winced. “It’s when you know you have offended someone that you will start acting nice. You haven’t come to visit in months. If you don’t come visit with Folorunsho soon, mo ma ko e lomo ni! You know if I wasn’t in this condition, this wouldn’t be happening.” Her mum had started crying. “Mum, you know I get upset when you get like this.” 

“I get like this when I’m upset.” 

Well, it was a relief that her mum’s wit was still alive. Even If most other things were dead. She sighed. 

“Mum, Folorunsho and I will…”


It was the impact of another car on Tunmishe’s. “What the…” She unbuckled her seat belt and let it slip into its retractor as she opened her door. She skirted the hood of her car heading straight for the driver side of the other car. Ooh! Someone was going to get it. She just knew that someone would be a young kid or drunk.  It had to be. The person was not even concerned that she was almost killed. To think he or she wasn’t even getting down. It definitely was a kid or a drunk.

It wasn’t.

PS: mo ma ko e lomo ni means I will disown you.

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