Stakes 1c

Oladipupo Badmus loved Mondays. The start of another work week If that could be said for Medical practitioners. Today was going to be hectic, which was good. Help keep his mind away from the past. If he wasn’t so anti drug…

His landline rang.


“We are ready for you, sir”

“Okay. I’m on my way” It was his scrub nurse telling him the theater was ready. He was to operate on a young lady who had a hole in her heart. It was a big deal for him because her parents were wealthy enough to fly her to the moon but they chose to trust him to do the surgery. It wasn’t by small means though. He had made a name for himself but he was still a bit on shaky grounds. He had been mentally, physically and cognitively preparing himself. This was big for him. He stood up from his desk, picked up few things and headed for the theater.

He was about five steps from the door when he felt someone’s hand around his arm pulling him to the opposite direction. He turned to look at the face of the owner of the offending hand.

“Doctor!!!  Pls help me. Someone is dying downstairs”

“Madam wait i have a patient i need to…”

“Is your patient dying? Cause this one is.” she interrupted. 

They were already by the stairs leading to the first floor.

“Not exactly but …”

“No buts. This man is dying. Please do something” she was hysterically dragging him down the stairs.

“Ma’am I’m sure some doctors are attending to him right now. If you would just let go of my arm and check.” The look of fear on her face was in contrast to her general look. She was in her work clothes even though she had diamond earrings on. 

She seemed to collect herself. She released his arm. “Oh. Okay. I will go now.”

“Please do.” He smiled reassuringly and watched her smile back. His breath caught. 

She was beautiful.


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