Stakes 1d

Tunmise Ogundipe stood by the door as she watched the doctors work on him. If only…

Maybe if someone had done this a few years back, she wouldn’t feel as desolate. Maybe her husband wouldn’t be dead now. She touched the earrings   Seoul gave her when he found out about the pregnancy. Such wonderful memories. She sighed. If only. She shook off the emotion. Today was going to be a long day. Tunmise looked thorough the door at the old man on the hospital bed. Doctors swarming around him to save his life. Just as the fine doctor from the second floor had told her. To think she thought the driver that hit her was a drunk or a youngster which was all that was going through her mind as she got out of her car while the poor old man was having a heart attack. All she could do was shout for help. It was nice to know there were still some good people in the world.



Someone was shaking her awake. “Would you like anything?” 

She was lying on the couch in the waiting area. How did she get there?”No.” She smiled. “Thanks though” She added as an afterthought.

“Okay ma. I’m right there if you need anything.” She pointed towards her station. Oh the receptionist.  The lady made to leave. “Excuse me.” The receptionist smiled. “Yes ma’am?.” 

“Please where is the man I brought in?” 

“He is in a private room upstairs ma like you requested. You can ask the nurses for directions when you get upstairs.” She smiled again.

What was it with this lady? She smiled too much “Oh. Okay. How long have I being out?”

The receptionist smiled indulgently. “Maybe three hours. I’m not sure.”

“What?!” She stood up abruptly. “I have to go!”

“But ma who is going to stay with your father?”

“He isn’t my father. I’m just a Good Samaritan. I have paid all his medical bills. I will go back to his car and check if there is anything that would help with locating his family.” 

“Okay ma’am. We would love to send an hospital staff with you so as to contact his family fast. We thought you were family”

“I’m not and thanks. I would love it if someone could follow me. It would save me double trips. Thanks.”


14 thoughts on “Stakes 1d

  1. Nice but your stories are short.And you are slow in posting them but you have a great style of writing because you keep your readers in anticipation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry my posts are short cause I’m posting stories in parts. As for it being slow, I’m posting weekly. Thursdays to be exact. Thanks for visiting this blog. I expect I will keep seeing you and your words of encouragement. Thanks Faith!


  2. Habybat, for some reason I just can’t get to Stakes 1 – 1c. I just discovered your blog via Opustjk’s blog. I’m a writer myself and a great lover of good reads. My first glimpse tells me this will be a good one, so pls drop links if you will. Thanks

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