Stakes 2a

Chapter 2

Three days later…

That morning…

Tunmise had not even switched off the ignition before Folorunsho jumped out of car. The girl needed to learn.

“Nana!”  Folorunsho ran into her grandma’s arms. They were finally here. Tunmishe hoped her mum would be content for a while. The woman was insatiable.

“Hello my darling!” Tunmise looked on as they hugged each other tightly. “I missed you, Ayinke. Look how tall you have become. I almost didn’t recognize you. You are almost as tall as I am and I am  your grandma.”  There was tears in her eyes.

“That’s because you are in a wheel chair nana” Tunmise winced.

“Ah! She’s astute too” her mum tried to hide the pain with those words but Tunmise could see right through it because they were in it together.

“Let’s go in. Shall we?”

That afternoon…


“Yes ma’am?” They were seated at the dining area of the house which was more like a mansion. The dining area was made to serve twenty two people but only three people were seated there. Nana, Tunmise and Folorunsho.

“What of that man you used to date? What was his name?”


“Yeah David. How is he?”

“He is fine.”

“Oh good good. When are you guys going to make me a grandson? Hope you are having regular sex?”

“Muuuummmmmm!!! My daughter is right there.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I forgot. I’m getting old. I need to spoil a grandson rotten before I join your father. God rest his soul.” She turned to Folorunsho and asked “Or doncha want a baby brother?”

“I want! I want a baby brother with blue eyes and pink toes with a blue ribbon on his head.”

“The child wants a toy” nana stage whispered.

“You are encouraging her. I broke up with David anyways.”

“Oh thank God! I didn’t like him. I mean I tried to like him but the guy gave me creeps” she shivered dramatically.

Tunmise rolled her eyes. Bless mama’s little heart.

“Which reminds me. This judge Williams’ son is back in Nigeria. I saw him and it reminded me of those days when he used to come here and both of you would ride to school together. Carpooling eh?” She wriggled her eyebrow suggestively.

Hmmm. Akinola Williams! Hmmm hmmm hmmm. That guy was fine as hell. Oh how she remembered those days. She still shivered from remembering. Goosebumps all over. “Good for him.”

“That’s all you are going to say?” Nana raised her eyebrow and adjusted her seating position dramatically “Anyways, his father invited me to the prodigal son’s party. Lots of fat cows and green vegetables, eh?”

Tunmise didn’t even bother her head with the last question.

“So when is this party?”

“You were not invited.”

“You are my mother.”

“Well, when you say it like that…”

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