Stakes 2b

“Why am I looking at this case file?” Dr Badmus was seated behind his desk. A case file was spread out in front of him. His hands were splayed beneath the case file, a serious look on his face. A pretty nurse was standing beside the desk, bent over the desk. A not so serious look on her face.

“I just thought that as a cardiac surgeon, you could look at his case…”

“Isn’t there a physician assigned to this case?” He was impatient.

“Yes there is but…”

“I’m sure if there is need for me to interfere, they would let me know. Officially.” He stressed the last word.

She looked chided. “Okay sir.” She made to leave. He felt uneasy. 

“Nurse Funmi.”

“Yes sir?”

“You did a good thing bringing this to my notice. We just have to let the doctor in charge make the decision which I’m sure he will make soon. I don’t want him to feel upstaged. Hmm?”

“Okay sir.” She smiled.

“Thank you. Please close the door behind you.” 

He sighed. When would he stop being an ass to everybody? He knew it was some sort of defense. Didn’t want anyone close. He couldn’t believe he had turned into someone that couldn’t even have a normal conversation with a lady. He remembered those days, just a few years back, when he was still in the game with his friends. It was a pity he had lost contact with them but he knew that was how it should be. They would hang out together, drink, flirt with women, steal women right out of their lovers’ arms, get beaten, get thrown out of clubs and start the cycle again. He smiled. Good ole days. He especially remembered his friend who was more like a wingman. They would help each other get girls. It was fun. He smiled again remembering one of those times…


“Hi there.” They were at one of their most frequented bars. It was his night to get a girl for his friend. Infact, he was halfway into the mission. The first half was approaching the girl.

“Hello” she smiled and seemed interested. He knew he was easy on the eyes but he also knew he was no Apollo. Apollo was seating right…

“You see that guy seating right there?” He pointed towards his friend. The lighting at that side was dim but you could still see the beauty of the man seating at the table. He looked at the face of the lady. She seemed awestruck. He felt a tinge of jealousy but then…

“Yes I do. If he is the one interested in me, tell him I don’t like men that can’t take what they want themselves”


He contemplated walking back to where his friend was seating but it was too much trouble cause the bar was full tonight so he did the next best thing.

“Hello? The lady doesn’t like shy guys. Get your ass over here” he cut the line and looked up. She was looking at him with disbelief. He shrugged.


She turned towards the new voice. First, there was disbelief on her face which gave way to appreciation. He had such brilliantly white teeth and a shy disarming smile.

“I’m Akinola Williams. I hear you love go-getters…”


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