Stakes 3a

Chapter 3

“Dipo, I’m so glad you are here. I understand you are a very busy person.” It was the evening of the said Saturday. They were in the best event hall in the city. The hall was big enough to seat two thousand people comfortably. The hall was decorated lavishly. Looking around, one wouldn’t believe it was just for a reunion. The hall was decorated in beautiful colors and everyone was looking smashing in their Tuxedo and dresses. 

“I’m glad I’m here too.” Dipo said, a bit forcibly.

“Dipo” Akinola said. “You don’t have to lie to me.”

“Okay, good. I should not be here. I have people counting on my presence.”

“Dipo, I know you. Have fun tonight. Where is your date?”

Dipo shifted, uncomfortable.



“Don’t tell me you don’t have a date.” Akinola laughed. “Are you kidding me? I know you, Dipo. What’s happening? How long will you let this continue to control your life, eh?”

“It’s doing a pretty good job.”

“We used to be very good buddies. You were my best person.”

“Yeah man. Things happen. People change”


Dipo adjusted his tie and turned around. “Judge Williams” Judge Williams was a man in his late fifties though he didn’t look it. He was as handsome as his son. 

“Hmmm. How are you?” Judge Williams asked.

“Very well, sir.”

“Good. Where is your wife?”

Dipo looked embarrassed. “I’m not married, sir”

“Why not? You certainly are old enough.”

“All in due time sir”

“Please drag Akinola through too. I need to see him settled. I’m not getting any younger.” Dipo smiled. “It was nice seeing you again, Badmus. You don’t mind if I steal this son of mine for a second, do you? All these people are here to see him.”

“Sure sir.”

He watched Judge Williams and a younger version leave his presence.

What was he doing here? Sh*t. He had to leave this place. This was a bad idea. He needed a drink. No. Scratch that, he just wanted a drink. He couldn’t though. He needed an escape. He turned towards the door and he found it. The lady from Monday was in the foyer with another woman who was in a wheel chair. He looked at her. His heart leaped into his throat. What was this woman doing to him? She was in a sexy burgundy dress. Her hair was made in a different style. She had strapped on heels. On Monday, he couldn’t really look at her under the circumstances but today, he had no such ‘luck’. He had a chance to really look. He willed his heart to be still. She was chocolate brown, probably five feet some inches, her face was oval, she had these almond shaped eyes that would lead you into temptation with just a blink. He couldn’t tell if she had hair. She had extension on. He liked a woman with hair but he had a feeling that if this woman was a bald banshee, he would still want her. She had curves. She was just the right size. Oh my. Right there and then, he wanted to know her -pun intended. Who was this woman awakening these feelings in him? What was she doing here? He didn’t know whether to approach her. He wasn’t sure he was ready for this yet.


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