Stakes 3b

“Splendid.” Nana was dressed in her expensive but slightly inappropriate traditional attire. These Nigerian women. They can show up at top business meetings in their traditional attires.Tunmise looked around the expensively decorated hall and smiled. “Indeed. You just didn’t tell me it was his wedding ceremony.”

Nana rolled her eyes. “How was I to know Andrew would go all out for his son like this. Thank God I dressed up.” Nana adjusted her aso-Oke. “Let’s get out of the doorway please. We are starting to look like untried teens.”

Tunmise tried to push her mum’s wheelchair but it didn’t budge. She couldn’t explain it. The only possible reason could be her mum was adding weight though she didn’t see it. “Mum, you should lose some weight.”

“Well, if you had been a good daughter and stayed by your mama’s side, you would know that my wheelchair is electronic and I can make it do whatever I liked by just pushing any of these buttons.”

Tunmise looked to where her mum’s hand was resting. “Oh.”

“Yeah, Oh.” 

“Eerrm, mum…”

“We are here to have fun” nana interrupted obviously not wanting to spoil the night. “Go on and don’t worry about me. I pray some responsible man at this party sweeps you off your feet. Bye.” She pushed Tunmise away and went towards the other direction.

All of a sudden, Tunmise felt alone. What was she doing? This was the height of it. Was she so desperate that she would come to a party with her mum? Like kids above five don’t do that anymore and she was what? Thirty? Where the hell was Akinola anyways? He better be worth all these trouble. Now she was regretting it.

“Tunmise?” Yeah this was Akinola’s party anyway. People from her high school were bound to come and they would recognize her. She looked up.


“My my. It’s really you.” He swooped in for a hug. “Look at you. Wow. I can’t believe this. You look gorgeous”

She just kept staring at his smiling face with this dead weight in her stomach. Aaawwwww man. Nothing. Bleh. No spark. No interest. None whatsoever. All she felt was a friendly feeling like when you see an old classmate. Nooooo! With all she went through with Melody. Something had to be wrong with her. There sure was nothing wrong with Akinola. He was even more handsome in a cute way. Sigh. Oh how she wished. Maybe she was a lesbian? 

“Hello?” He was giving her this cocky look. He must have thought she was dazed by his handsomeness. Dude couldn’t be more wrong.

“Oh sorry.” She smiled. “You took me by surprise is all.”

“Surprise? This is my party.” She hated the way he said it like he was talking to a mentally retarded person.

“Yeah I know” she smiled. “I just didn’t expect to bump into you at that moment”

“Oh. Alright. Listen, we need to catch up on a lot of things. I’m so glad you are here. Would love to stay and chat but I see my unbelievably late date has finally arrived.” He hugged her again. “Don’t leave without saying goodbye.” He called from like five steps away.

Tunmise was both relieved and worried.

She had to enjoy this party. That was how she was going to be paid for all the stress she went through getting a dress. She grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing server.

“Good evening.” For the second time that night, she looked up into the eyes of one of the sexiest men alive. She wasn’t exaggerating. Only difference? This time, instead of a dead weight, it was a fluttering feeling in her stomach. She gulped her champagne and grabbed another one. “Whoa! Slow down.” He scolded, playfully. “You look amazing.” He knew he should probably reel in his enthusiasm but he couldn’t help himself.

Thinking of it, she had seen his face somewhere. Hmmm. “Do I know you?” That so came out wrong.

“Wow. I guess it’s my luck I always meet you in the not so best of moods.”

“So, we have met. Sorry, I can’t remember though.”


“I’m Sorry” she smiled. “I bet if I thought harder, I would remember but I’m not in the mood. Please humor me.”

“We met at Redeem hospital on Monday. You brought someone in”

“Oh!” She hit her forehead with her palm. “Yeah. I’m so sorry about the other day. I was so frightened for the man and…” 

“Nothing to be sorry about. I’m so glad you brought him in. We need more good Samaritans in this country. The receptionist told us of how he was found by the road by you and you helped him. You even paid his medical bills. You are a nice person.” Something passed across his face but then it was flitting. He smiled.

“Big deal.” She shrugged and gulped down her second glass of wine. This guy didn’t know the half of it. Good Samaritan her ass. She had no business making calls on the road.

“You seem nervous. I would love to think it was because of me but I know better.” He smiled again. Strained this time.

Freaking unbelievable. Did this man think he wasn’t goodlooking or something? Someone should buy him some mirrors. She was practically melting here. If not for her little white lie about being a Good Samaritan, she should be getting a chunk out of this hunk. My my. “How is he?”

“He is recuperating.”

“I’m Tunmise.” She extended her hand to him. 

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m Dipo. Oladipupo Badmus.” He took it.  

His grip was firm. He had callused hands. Wasn’t he a medical doctor? Where did he get callused hands from? No don’t take it away. He was releasing her hand. “Errmm” she looked up into his slightly puzzled slightly amused face. He looked even more handsome. Get a hold of yourself, Tunmise.

“What was that?” 


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