Stakes 7b (complete)


Dipo breathed in and out. “Please please please don’t tell me you are married.”

“I’m not.” She said incredulous.

“Oh thank God” he breathed in relief and flopped down. 

Tunmise came to sit beside him.

“Who is he?” Folorunsho asked looking at her mom.

“How old is she?”

“She is six. Folorunsho go to your room.” 

“No. Leave her. Folorunsho how are you?”

“I’m fine. Thank you. What is your name?”


“That’s uncle Dipo to you, Folorunsho.” Tunmise stated.

Dipo smiled, scrunched up his nose and winked at her. Folorunsho could tell she would like this man already! They were going to be friends. “Okay, mum.” She skipped to her room.

“She is lovely.”

“Thanks.” Tunmise smiled in gratitude.

“Was she the reason you were upset?” She nodded. “You didn’t have to be. She is adorable.” She grinned widely. “Plus look at that” he gestured at her. “She had your smile. How could I have resisted?”

She grinned more widely. “Thanks, Dipo. For being so cool about this.” She leaned in for a brief hug but he didn’t release her. “Dipo?” He bit her earlobe. “Dipo!”she chuckled.

Dipo released her a bit just so he could get access to her face. “Hmm?” The kiss that followed the sound might be chaste but his eyes sure were clouded.

Tunmise felt drawn in. 

“Tell me about her father.”

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