Stakes 8a & 8b

Chapter Eight

A week later…

Oladipupo was seeing a patient but his mind kept drifting back to Tunmise. He missed her terribly. He knew he hadn’t given himself totally to love. There is no way you can give your all when the past kept haunting you. He dreaded the day he would have to tell her his secret. How do you tell someone you loved so much the dirtiest, deepest secret ever. A part you wish you never had. How do you tell someone you love that you…

“Are you alright, doctor?” A concerned patient asked, staring at Dipo.

“Yes.” He smiled. “Sorry about that. You said you get easily tired?”

“Yeah and I hear my heart beat.”

“When did it start? Which one started first?”

“The fatigue. It started about six months ago”

“Oh. Okay.” He scribbled some things down. “Did your Doctor tell you why she referred you here?”

“Yeah. She told me I had a heart condition and I was going to have a surgery.” The lady replied calmly.

“Oh kay. I’m worried she didn’t tell you the cons cause you are too calm. Do you understand what you are about to go through?”

“Yes I do. I also understand you’re the one performing the surgery.” 

“Oh. Nothing in life is certain, madam. I don’t want to scare you. I just want you to be concerned about this.” He wrote down on some papers.

“I can do that.”

“Good. Take these.” He passed the papers to her. “Please do those investigations.”

“Thanks.” She took them and walked to the door.

Someone came in just as she let herself out.

“Look who has been keeping secrets!”

“Tunmise? What a pleasant surprise.” He stood up, courteous as ever.

She walked to his side of the desk and pushed him back to his seat. “Did you miss me? ‘Cause I did.” She sat down on his thighs.

“I love you.” He kissed her deeply.

“I love your suit.” She buried her hands inside. “You didn’t tell me you were a big deal. I mean I suspected. What with your cars but I didn’t expect what I met. You own this hospital coupled with some other companies. Oil included. Dipo.”

He swiveled his chair such that its back is resting against his desk. He pushed her off his thighs and made her stand in between them. “I see you’ve done some research.”

She looked guilty. “Well, you can’t blame me. I didn’t know anything substantial about you.”

“Now you do.”

“…And I was amazed. To think you never lost a patient under your knife. Wow. That’s unbelievable.” She was excited.

“…but true.” He completed.

“I missed you.”

“Come home with me tonight.”


He glanced at his wristwatch. “Did google tell you my lunch hour too?” He squinted his eyes dramatically.

“Is it time?” He smiled in response. “Let’s go then!” She grabbed his hand.

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