Stakes 8c & 8d

I hope this more than makes up for my lapses

After lunch, Tunmise waited in his clinic quarters till he was through with the day. Thank God she didn’t have much workload that day. God knows she tried to keep away but she couldn’t. She feared for a second that he would not be pleased if she just showed up in his office without prior notice but all that flew out the window when she saw his face light up as she entered. She thanked God for the day she met him. She felt guilty for googling about him but he was like an enigma. Somehow, she couldn’t help thinking he was bottling something up. She didn’t even find a thing about his parents. He never talked about them. Or even siblings. Was she cursed to always fall in love with men with no family. Deolu was an orphan. He never knew his parents. She thought of her own parents. A feeling of sadness swept through her. She lost her father and almost lost her mother June six years ago. The month had always depressed her ever since. Even her daughter stayed with her mother during the month of June.Talk about a terrible month. She sighed deeply. She wanted to share with Dipo so terribly but then he dropped the news on her. She didn’t want to appear needy. She wished she could just sleep through the next month. A tear escaped as the day appeared vividly in her head.


June fourteen, six years ago.

It was the day Deolu was to return finally to Nigeria after going to study for his Masters degree in the United States of America. 

“Tunmise how many times do I have to tell you that you are going sit this one out yet you are still standing on my neck.” Nana scolded.

“Muuumm!” She whined, near tears.

“What? You heard what the doctor said about your condition. I’m not taking any chances. Daddy Tunmise, you better talk to your daughter.”

Chief Ogundipe placed his newspaper gently beside him and removed his reading glasses. “Tunmise listen to your mother. She and I will go pick your husband from the airport. It’s better that way.”   

“Plus you are heavily pregnant.” Nana chimed in. Tunmise rubbed her round belly. “You pee like very two minutes. Who is going to be stopping for you on the road, ehn”

“But mum. It’s not fair. I shouldn’t be home alone.” Tunmise pouted.

“Who says it has to be fair. It just has to be reasonable. Dayo will be home with you. You know I would have gladly stayed at home with you but I have been postponing going to the airport to rectify the issues with my travel documents. This is a case of killing two birds with one stone. ”

Dayo was their live in maid. “Pa?” She turned to her father hoping he would change his mind. He always did. One of the perks of being their only child.

He didn’t this time though. “Your mother is right this time…” Over protectiveness, one of the drawbacks of being an only child.

“Wait! What?! This time?!” Nana interjected.

“This isn’t about you, Bisola. It’s about our daughter.” 

Tunmise slipped between her parents on the large sofa in a bid to stop their infamous banter. Her father pulled her close. “I would have stayed at home with you but Taju had other ideas. He called in sick this morning. He would have been the perfect person to drive your mother to the airport.”

“Okay. I will stay at home.” She finally yielded in.

“That’s my girl.” Her father kissed her forehead. Tunmise grinned and turned to her mother who was still sulking. She tickled her mother, grinning. Her mother grinned back. The three of them embraced each other. Tunmise felt a stirring in her womb.

Present day

Another tear dropped then several others.

“Baby please don’t cry. I won’t be gone for long.” When did he enter? She hadn’t even noticed. He sat down beside her and wiped her tear streaked face with the pad of his thumb. He reclined, pulling her along with him. He put her head on his chest. They stayed together like that for all of ten minutes staring into space. Each to his or her thought.

“Let’s go home.” Dipo said breaking the silence.

“Okay.” Tunmise said, standing up. She righted her dress and picked up her purse. Dipo picked some things, grabbed her hand and led off down the passage. He did all these while calling. “Hello, Bayo. Bring my car to the front.” He disengaged and shove the phone into his pocket. He saw a nurse pass by and called to her. “Nurse Bola, the patient in surgery ward three needs extra monitoring. Please I’m putting you in charge.”

“Okay. No problem, sir. Are you traveling this year?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact I will be leaving in two weeks. I will announce at the meeting on Monday morning.”

“Okay sir. Bring something for us ooo.” She grinned.

“Will do.” 

Nurse Bola acknowledged Tunmise with a nod and pranced away. Tunmise rolled her eyes.

“Why are you rolling your eyes?”

“Please let’s just go home. I’m too tired.”

“Jealous chicken”

 “Who is jealous? Please please please. Abeg” She hissed and walked off.

He caught up with her easily. “Just for the record, you have nothing to worry about. It was just a month fling.” She glared at him. “I was just kidding.” He laughed.

“Very funny.” She stormed off.

He caught up with her again and grabbed her hand. He didn’t let go till they got to his car. Bayo handed the keys to Dipo. “Good evening, ma.” Tunmise replied with a nod. She was obviously still furious. “Boss, I have gained admission into the university to study mass com.”

“Wow. Nice. I thought you were a science student?”

“My dad is late so now I can study what I want.” He answered, a bit solemn.

“So, how are you going to cope?”

“I may have studied science. However, I read all the literary text.”

“I meant financially. When are you leaving?”

“I have an elder brother. Next week Sunday.”

“That’s just a few days from today. Anyway, come see me in my office tomorrow. I will work up something for you. Congrats.”

“Alright, sir. Thank you, sir. Goodbye, ma.”

“Wait, Bayo. All of a sudden you are speaking good English?” He opened the car door for Tunmise and walked back to his side of the car.

“Oga.” He scratched his head.

Dipo waved him off, got into his car and zoomed off.

“We are here.” Dipo pinched Tunmise. He had just pulled up in front of his house. Tunmise rubbed her arm and got down from the car. Dipo got down too, walked to her side and held her. “You were silent throughout the ride. Don’t tell me you are still angry.” She looked away trying to hide the tears that were threatening. He pushed her gently against the car and trapped her in between his thighs. She felt a bulge against her belly and smiled unwillingly. He redirected her gaze with her chin and smiled back. 

“I’m not angry. I just have so many emotions running through me.” Her tone had lost some of its anger. He kissed her deeply. She felt him grow larger. Her heart beat faster. Everything feminine in her trembled with longing. 

“Come. Let me show you something I do when I’m in an emotional turmoil.” His voice was husky.

“What?” She raised her eyebrow and laughed nervously.


The room was a large one. She looked around. Different sculptures- Clay, wood and metal.

“One thing you can’t find on the Internet.” He was at the door, lightly resting on its jamb. His arms and legs crossed.

“You amaze me. Are these yours?”

“Yes.” He said simply.

“Where do you find the time?”

“I create time.” He walked into the room.

She thought back to when she met him and was wondering how someone with coarse hands was a medical doctor. He stopped in front of her and dropped his forehead to hers. He held her waist just as he put his lips to hers. She smiled through the kiss. His grip firmed as he smiled back. “Let me show you something.” He reached behind her. She tried to look but he pulled her face back to his. Looking into her eyes as he withdrew whatever it was from the clay oven. Then he showed her.

She gasped. 

In his hands was a clay model of a hand holding a mirror with a face in it. Hers.

“I don’t know what it is. I didn’t when I was making it and I still don’t know but of one thing i’m certain, it’s something I cherish.”

“It’s beautiful” she said through tears.

“I’m glad you think so.” He said then kissed her into a wall.



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