Sneak peek ;) ;-SHH

Aminu Abibat OyindamolaIdea created and started 07:00pm on the 11th of June, 2015.

Footsteps in the dark.

Crime Fiction.


What is she doing here?? This woman spelt trouble. This was so the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong mood. This operation couldn’t be compromised. The assassin was at it again. He must have sent her here to distabilize him. Of course unknowingly to her but still serving the purpose.


He placed his eye shades back to cover his eyes. He turned and looked at her like he had not seen her through the mirror of his eye shades a moment ago. “Sorry. Do I know you?” He pretended not to recognize her. He felt like a jerk when he saw the hurt look on her face but he had learnt a long time ago that he had to do what he had to regardless. He removed his eye shades. Mistake. He could see her clearly. Somehow, he could feel the hurt more. 

“Danjuma from Aliyu high school?”


 ” You don’t remember me?”

“No.” He looked blandly. “Maybe…” He saw a scurry of activity outside the huge hotel that was situated in Abuja. It was his cue that something was happening. Shit. He had to get her out of harm’s way. He held her by her shoulders and pushed her out of the way. “I’m sorry I don’t remember you but maybe we could catch up on this later. Hmm? I have to get somewhere.” He was slightly distracted. Just slightly.

“Oh okay.” She toyed with the leather strap of her brown bag, downcast.

He could still see the hurt look. Feel it permeate the air. He did everything he could to block it out. This was work. He would deal with fun later. He had stalked her for eight years. Of course from afar. He knew everything about her. Every air she breathed in. He knew where to reach her. So, it wasn’t goodbye. Huh. Far from it. How could he forget his first and probably only love? Damn. Did she look good in those great shorts? He placed his dark eye shades as he stepped out.

Zaynab watched him leave. His body hard and swaying to the rhythm of masculine movement. His black pants moulded to his hard thighs. Dark green polo that fitted snugly. He was a perfect man specimen. His head shining under the swaying chandeliers. He adjusted his eye shades as he walked out of the hotel. Sh sighed. She guessed she never got over hm getting over her. Staring into those eyes brought back teenage memories. She couldn’t believe she could be so f**k*** forgettable.

He heard a buzz in his ear signifying that someone was about to communicate. He waited patiently then he heard it. The Assassin’s signature voice. Shit.

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