Footsteps In The Dark (FITD) 1a



I specialize in corporate espionage, human and network protection. Well, my company does. Right now I’m in the middle of one of them- human protection. Senator Shehu, my client, received a threat three days ago on his life. Same found on previous politicians that were found dead shortly after they received them from the assassin. Sorry the Assassin cause that is what he is actually called since the government don’t have a clue who is behind the letter or what is happening. The letter is just signed ‘A’

Cheesy, right? I totally agree. No freaking imagination.

I glance towards the senator. He is surrounded by four of my men. I sigh as I notice he is less tense than two days ago when he hired me. My eyes move around trying to filter out any possible threat but then I notice her. What is she doing here?? Zaynab’s presence means trouble. I wonder if she would recognize me if she saw me. It has been eight years. I turn away as it occurs to me she would see me if I didn’t do so. I clench my fist in fury and pray she doesn’t. It is either of two things. Whether the assassin sent her here to distabilize me or maybe it was just pure coincidence. If he sent her here, that means he knows about me but if he didn’t then it means it was just bad luck. I hope she doesn’t see me but the bad luck holds out. 

“Danjuma?” That name. Tchh! I roll my eyes.

I place my eye shades back to cover my eyes and turn to look at her like I had not seen her a moment ago. “Sorry. Do I know you?” I pretend not to recognize her. I feel like a jerk when I see the hurt look on her face. 

“Danjuma from Aliyu high school in Nassarawa?” I roll my eyes again behind my rayban.


 ” You don’t remember me?” She sounds a bit uncertain.

“No.” I lie through my teeth and try to look blandly. “Maybe…” I start to talk but get distracted by a scurry of activity outside the huge hotel that is situated in Abuja. I look around for senator Shehu but I don’t see him. Meanwhile I hear a crackle in my hear like someone is trying to communicate. It is my cue that something is happening. Shit. All I can think of is that I have to get her out of harm’s way. I hold her by her shoulders and push her out of the way. “I’m sorry I don’t remember you but maybe we could catch up on this later. Hmm? I have to get somewhere.” The assassin may be watching. I don’t want him to know my Achilles’ tendon if her presence is just a coincidence or don’t want to verify what he thinks he knows.

“Oh okay.” She toys with the leather strap of her brown bag, downcast.

I can still see the hurt look as I turn my back and walk out. Feel it permeate the air. I try everything I can to block it out. This is my job. I will deal with fun later. I know how to keep in touch especially since I have been having her monitored for three years. Of course from afar. I know everything there is to know about her. Every air she breathes in. So, it isn’t goodbye. Huh. Far from it. I try not to notice Zaynab watch me leave. Just as I walk out, I see and hear my men bent over and frantically calling out to each other. “What is happening here?” I ask.

 One of them straightens up giving me a view of what or who they were bent over. “Senator Shehu.” I say. Even from my point of view, I can see he is dead. I look at each of them and revel in the fear I see on their faces. “You guys should better have a damn good enough explanation for this.” I say as I jump into my car after the valet gets out of it and toss him some change. I drive for only two minutes when I park by the roadside. “F***!” I hit my hands on the wheels, sweat pouring down my face in the A.C. I have been working with leaders of this country since I came back to Nigeria few years back and none of them ever died under my watch. ))”F***!” I hit the car again. I supply almost everyone who is worth it security in this country and some other african countries. How am I supposed to keep them if I lose my clients like this? One stupid guy that has probably watched ‘Arrow’ one time too many thinks he can act the vigilante and mess with me? I light a cigarette and watch as my hand shake with fury. 

The Assassin or whatever A stood for just f****n* made this personal.

TOUGH LOVE: I just wanna tell you that if this post doesn’t get at least 15 comments (from different people of course.), enough likes and at least 10 shares I can’t continue with it. I just can’t…. Loving you guys the tough way. MUAH!

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