Simi’s resolve 1

16th of May, 2016.

This story is dedicated to a good friend of mine and his boo to whom he gels like glue ❤ ❤ ❤


Simi Pedro

Today could easily be the worst day of my life. I’m walking along Femi Thompson road off west side marina in Ajah area in a trance. I’m thinking where did I go wrong? What could I have done right? What didn’t I do? but I come up empty. I vaguely notice some people give me weird glances and drive by. They make it known to me that I look crazy. I could have been them just yesterday staring at a beautiful slim lady with disheveled hair walking barefoot along a major road in Lagos but there is one thing I would have done more. I would have stopped and tried to help which is my greatest problem. I’m too nice… Those kind of people that are called the weak ones in this crazy world we live in. Just yesterday, I would have stood firm in my belief. Telling them not to find weakness in my kindness. Pfft, I roll my eyes. Now, I know better. Jeff Oshodi came into my life like a knight in shining armor, brandishing his sword, scaring away the wolves, wicked stepmothers, the Jafars, Megatrons, Rumpelstiltskins and Lokis of this world. Sadly, it turns out he was just prince Hans. 

 It had been raining this morning and now the ground is wet and slippery but I trudge along willing my aching feet. I dunno where my purse is nor if I’m with my wallet but I don’t stop. Vaguely, I remember I must have left them at one of Jefferson’s houses which is where I just left; where I met his very pregnant fiancé who kept flashing her ring in my face. Ring that was bought with my money. WITH MY MONEY. 

My parents had died in a ghastly accident a year ago leaving me as the sole heir to the Pedro fortune. When they died, I was both depressed and confused. Depressed because of their death and confused because I didn’t know what to do with the responsibility. My uncles swooped in ‘trying to help me’. I knew better but there really was nothing I could do about it then I met Jeff at a gym in Lekki phase two. I was dazzled the first time I saw him. He was so handsome. I’m a tall girl so it wasn’t so easy to find a guy that was taller than me let alone one that was towering above me. He was easily six feet two. There was no single strand of hair on his head but his beard game was tight. He was very frosh. He was so sexy. I was working out when he walked in and jumped on the treadmill beside me. I smiled at him. I just couldn’t help it. I didn’t understand why he was still working out when i couldn’t find an ounce of fat on his body. He said hi to me and I could already hear his British accent. I shuddered but kept going on my bicycle. Soon, he was working up a sweat and I could perceive sweat and his perfume- Caron Poivre. What? I looked at him again. He caught me this time and started a conversation with me. He told me he just arrived in Nigeria and was staying around there. I felt like he was the one I was waiting for all my life. He was so charming. We exchanged numbers and the torch was lit. Few weeks into the relationship, he made it known to me that he was a graduate in Business Administration from Yale and I was further impressed. He told me his father wanted him to work for him but he didn’t want to work under his father, so, he was in between jobs. I ‘grabbed’ the chance and quickly put him in charge of my company- Pedro’s consultancy. We were okay for few months then he started acting weird when I told him I was pregnant. Then I lost the pregnancy and he was cool again; comforting me, telling me it wasn’t the right time for me to get pregnant. First, I was young plus he wasn’t ready. I WAS SO STUPID. My friends warned me. Tola Esho most especially. She is my best friend. When Tola started noticing Jeff around her area in Ajah with a lady, she came to me and warned me about it but I waved it off. I was too scared to face the truth. I wanted to remain in the cocoon of love I felt Jeff had for me. God, was I stupid. Now, he has taken everything from me. My life, my money, my company, my life and my LIFE! The bastard. I am not going to cry. I’m a strong girl and I can face anything. At least that was what I thought till I felt it all over my hair, face and body. Some even entered my mouth. Mud spray. I didn’t even know I had gotten down from the bridge. I sit down on the floor and start weeping like a baby. The offending car reverses and stops in front of me. It is a black Honda cross tour. Another day I would have appreciated it but not today. I just want to jump up and slap whoever is getting down from the car across the face. A man gets down and stretches his hand towards me in a bid to help me up. “I am so sorry.” He says. To be fair, he really does look sorry but he is also handsome even more than Jeff so that put him in my bad book. He is tall like Jeff but where Jeff was fair and bald, he was dark with hair that was nicely cut. I stare at his extending hand like it was a vermin. He is wearing an expensive perfume like Jeff too- Clive Christian imperial majesty. Hugh! I hate this guy. “Get away from me.” I scream. He raises his hands in the universal gesture of ‘I’m not trying to hurt you.’

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help.”

“Thank you.I don’t need it.”

He looks at me properly then retreats backwards till his back hit his car. “I’m just going to wait here till you change your mind.” He appears calm but he keeps surreptitiously glancing at his wristwatch. 

I am almost forced to wait him out but then as he plucks his phone from his pocket, it occurrs to me that I have no money on me and even if I wanted to reach out to Tola, there was no phone to do that. This guy could actually help me but I hate his kind. What to do? “Please let me use your phone. I want to call a friend of mine to pick me up.

He looks surprised at my request but then he extends the hand holding the phone to me. I am just about to grab it when he withdraws it. “Why don’t I take you to wherever it is you are going to? Just let whoever it is know that you are coming.”

I stare at him for a minute then I yield. “Alright.” I hop into his car and rattle out Tola’s address. He passes his phone to me and I call Tola. “Hello.” I say as she picks up. “Hello.” She replies, then judges my voice and rants on. “Where have you been? I have been trying your number. Whose number is this? I was worried. How did it go? Did you see the snake? Simi, I warned you about this dude but you wouldn’t listen.” “Tola, I’m coming to your place. Are you home?” I cut her off. “Yes I am.”  She replies. “Okay. See you soon.” Somehow, a part of me didn’t want her to be home cause I would be forced to pass Jeff’s house again to reach hers but I don’t have a choice. I sigh.

“What is your name?” He asks.

“Dara.” I reply.

“Oh okay. Oluwadarasimi?” He asks.


He shifts uncomfortably and drives on. After a few minutes of silence he talks again. “So why were you walking barefoot on a bridge in broad daylight?”

“Please mind your business.” I wasn’t sitting comfortably before because I didn’t want to mess his car up but then I purposely rub my body on his car seat to prove a point.

He grins widely letting me know he saw me. He has a perfect dentition. He plugs a USB cable into his iPhone and presses on its screen. Soon, a beautiful voice seeps out. 

“Who is this?” I ask. 

“Please mind your business.” He replies, smugly.

I gasp but shut up and relax in my seat. I let the song settle in. The singer is talking about a girl that got herself heartbroken and how she now wanted to run wild.

I am already drifting off when I hear his voice again. “It’s Jon Bellion. The singer is Jon Bellion. Ever heard of him?”

“Nope.” I reply, curtly.

He pulls up and I raise my eyebrow in question. “We are here.” He says, nodding up at Tola’s building.

I look up and truthfully, we are in front of Tola’s house. “Thanks.” I say, I alight and walk to the gate without a glance back.

“It was nice meeting you too.” He calls after me before zooming off.

I look back as I realize I didn’t even know his name but he had zoomed off.

It probably is for the best.


11 thoughts on “Simi’s resolve 1

  1. I absolutely love romantic stories. I’m excited to read the entire series. I love your writing too 😊 Thanks for sharing this story with us.


    • Thanks, Sneapsy. For the comment, for loving romantic stories. You are very lucky because this is coming to an end. You don’t have to wait so much for episodes. Enjoy your journey through my mind. ❤


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