Simi’s resolve 6

A quick shout-out to Bheesolar! We dunno each other but you stumbled upon my blog and advertised it like it was yours. I’m glad you find Simi’s resolve ‘sweet and touching’. Thank you, dear! Xo

Yanju Peters

“I knew her voice was familiar! She is a radio presenter!” Imole exclaims as he barges into my office. We were at my firm in Surulere. My office was a large one, painted in white, except the walls flanking the door, which were decorated with African arts. My oakwood desk was pushed to the wall opposite my door. Behind it was my bookcase made from oakwood too. I had several large law texts, crime fictions in it and my awards were arranged neatly on the top shelf- courtesy my personal assistant. On my desk was a MacBook, a picture of my parents- Lanre and Kunmi Peters and another picture of me and Oyin; a paper weight and some folders. Oyin is a story for another day. Somewhere in the corner is a small area with sofas and a small centre table with law magazines on it where I receive guests less formally.

“Who?” I ask, acting nonchalantly even though I’m anything but. Even a slight chance of hearing Simi’s voice again excites me. No matter through frequencies. Imole has been ‘researching’ them since we got blown off on Saturday. He called me to ask some questions yesterday. Today is Monday and the first thing he says to me is also about them.

“Tola.” He replies and my heart drops.

“So what if she is a presenter?” I ask, harshly.

“So? So?” He looks at me like I’m dumb. “So there is a chance we meet them again. You, simi. Me, Tola.”

“I’m not interested.” I pick up a glass from from my glass case and walk to my dispenser to get water. “I have Tola’s number.” I say to lay emphasis.

“How?” He asks and I give him the substance of saturday gist.

“Oh. No wonder.” He slaps his thigh. “Of all places to go for ice cream. I can count at least four ice cream joints in Lekki but they chose the one in Radisson blu anchorage to come to. If that’s not fate, I don’t know what it is.” Imole is perched on the arm of one of my visitors’ chair. “It is unbelievable.” He continues on. “Maybe you guys were meant to meet again.”

“We all saw how that one went.” I say sarcastically and roll my eyes.

“Stop being such a downer about this. I can see a love story emerging.” Imole can be different people at different times, it just doesn’t sit well with me when he is the novelist which is what he is when he is not being one of the best lawyers in my firm.

“I’m not being a downer. I’m just being real. I don’t see anything and I strongly advise you not to see anything.” I elaborate and walk to the sofa by the wall to ceiling window on the left side of my office, my glass of water in my hand. “Leave it alone.” I emphasize and flop down on it.

He stays silent a few minutes then he says. “Give me your phone.”

“Why?” I ask and take a sip of cool water.

“I need to text my PA. I just remembered something.”

“Use yours.” I say but throw my phone to him anyway.

He catches it and texts.

I look down at the 2 O’clock rush on the street and wonder what she would be doing. Maybe she had a job somewhere and was going out to lunch. Stop thinking about that girl, Yanju. She has been nothing but nasty to you since you met her. My mind warns me. Mind. I know I shouldn’t even remember her let alone think of her every time but she has wormed her way into my hea-. My mind. My MIND.

6 thoughts on “Simi’s resolve 6

  1. Wow!im loving this story,as it unravels!Yanju,keep ur head in,women always do the nasty shakara..keep it up Bybarh,we love you


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