Simi’s resolve 7

Simi Pedro
It’s been a week since my fall out with Jefferson. I have not been able to go back to his place for my phone and my purse because I can’t quite face him. Besides, I haven’t quite prepared my little speech. I guess a part of me still wishes Jeff is in love with me. That everything was all a mix up. That he didn’t clean out my bank account. That he is somewhere pining away for me in a room that would of course be messy because he is letting himself go. That he didn’t have a girlfriend. No, a fiancée. A very pregnant one. Oh, who am I kidding! 

‘I finally agreed to stay with Tola after so many intense session of persuasion’. So, I went to my house to grab some extra stuff. I have been bored to my teeth since I started staying at Tola’s place. Tola is a radio presenter at lyrics fm. She is always on on Saturday by 7pm. You can always hear her soft voice talking about women and relationships. She is pretty popular. Let me say her voice is really popular. The salary is not enough to keep body and soul together, so, she has another job, Monday through Friday, which keeps her very busy. I’m envious. I wish I could get it together like her. A job she is passionate about; a fairy tale relationship. She always warns me but I never listen. I guess it hadn’t dawned on me that she was a professional in relationships who was in a beautiful relationship of nine years. Maybe I shall listen to her more. Today is Saturday and it is 6pm, so she is getting ready. She is wearing an army green blouse over deep blue jeans and has managed to tame her dreads into some kind of bun. 

“Where is my purse?” She asks frantically.

“It is on the dining table.” I reply from my vantage point on the bed.

“Thanks.” She breathes. “What would I do without you?” She asks rhetorically and flounces out in a huff. Few minutes later, she reappears holding the door jamb leaning diagonally, one leg off the ground, head and neck visible. “See you tomorrow. I got new movies for you so you don’t get bored. Make sure you check out the website.”

“I will.” I reply. “Drive safe.” I add after a few minutes but she was already gone.

Now that she is gone, I dunno what to do with my time. I stare at the ceiling for a few minute but then I get bored. As we all know how Lekki’s power supply is…. We had exhausted Tola’s inverter the previous night. I stand up and go to the back to switch Tola’s generator on but then I find it a bit tricky so I go in search of the gateman. Maybe he would help me switch it on. I simply can not bear the boredom. I don’t care to replace the fuel even at 200 naira per liter-black market- with my nonexistent fund. I just simply can’t bear the silence anymore. I walk to his small one room apartment and knock but no response. Of course he isn’t at the back since I am just coming from there and didn’t see him so I did the next best thing. I walk out of the compound to check if he is on the street nearby only for me to find myself in front of Jeff and his fiancée. I glance at her belly and gulp. I don’t even know what to say. I haven’t spoken with him or seen him since I got the alert. I am not quite ready to face him yet. Jeff looks gobsmacked but his fiancée is just smiling at me. 

This moment, right here and now? I think I develop a heart condition.


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