Simi’s resolve 8

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Yanju Peters

I have been thinking of Simi too much this past week. Sometimes, I find myself driving around the area I picked her up. Yes, I know. Why don’t I try Tola’s place? No, I’m not going there. It would be too obvious I was looking for her if I did but if I ‘happen to come across her on the road, no one would suspect anything. I’m becoming pathetic over a girl that wouldn’t give me the time of day. Sometimes, I find myself staring at my reflection, trying to see what puts her off. Honestly. I like her a lot. I don’t know why I would meet someone and just feel like that. Honestly, I have never been in this position before. Partly because I’m a ladies’ man. Ladies love me- no joke. Besides, I always had eyes only for Oyin who is my first love. She is the daughter of a very good friend of my mother so we practically grew up together. When we first started dating, both our mothers were very happy but then we were on and off for so long that their hearts got broken. They gave up on us. Even when we were on, they always knew there was an imminent ‘off’ period and they were not disappointed.

I know I’m very easy on the eyes and I’m able to take care of a lady especially my own- very much. I may be a bit of a workaholic but I’m also fun. I have never met any woman that would make me doubt myself as Simi makes me but I can’t help it. I’m drawn to her. Look at me. I’m in the middle of a meeting with my Personal assistant and few investor sourcers working for me but I have zoned out countless times thinking of Simi. 

“Sir, since we have completed the sales of the center and started the renovations, I think we should start thinking of employing people.” One of the directors tell me.

“Yeah.” I nod, absentmindedly. “I agree.”

“Okay, sir. We will keep you posted.”

“Thanks.” I stand up and shake their hands.

They all file out without my PA. She is standing by the door. I look at her inquiringly. “Why aren’t you leaving?”

She walks back to my desk and peers into my face. “Boss, is anything wrong?”

“No. Why?”

“I could sense you were not in the meeting. At least not in spirit.”

“Well, I wasn’t.” I shrug. “Hope you took down notes?” I ask.

“Yeah, I did.” She replies and stares at me for a minute before saying “In fact I have noticed your absentmindedness so much these past few days. Are you worried about the new investments?”

It is true I have been investing a lot in some new business- I start to think again but get jolted out of it by her.

“There you are again. Gone.” She snaps her finger.

“Sharon, I’m still your boss.” I remind her.

“Trust me, I don’t ever forget.” She folds her arms and adopts a wet puppy look. “Hope you didn’t forget about my leave?”

“Trust me, I didn’t forget.”

She rubs her hands together in delight. “Oh sweet.” She beams. She swivels around in heels so tiny, it makes me wince and almost ran Imole down with her belly as she leaves the office.

“Don’t forget to keep everything simple and organized pending the time I get a temporary assistant.” I call after her.

“You know I will!” She calls back.

Imole sits down and grins at me. Why is everyone in a good mood today? “What’s so funny?” I ask a bit irritated. No hopes of seeing Simi soon; my PA is getting a maternity leave indefinitely. Nothing is funny.

“I saw Tola today.” He grins wider.

“Really?” I ask trying to keep enthusiasm out of my voice. 

“Yeah. We chatted for a while before she was called into the studio. She really is a likable person.” He is still grinning.

“Oh really? That’s nice.” I debate whether to ask of Simi. 

“We are hooking up again.” He starts to tap my table with his fingers showing his excitement. “Of course, just as friends.” He adds and frowns.

“So, did you see Simi?” I try to ask lightly.

“Nope.” He replies.

My heart drops into my abdomen. “Oh okay”

“Though we talked about her a lot.” He continues. “Seems she is facing some bad break up.” He says then adds after a while. “Besides, she needs a job. So, I suggested to Tola that we needed someone to replace your PA. Although, not in so many words. What with the animosity between you and her.”

Some time during his utterances, my heart starts to climb back into my chest. I feel good all of a sudden. I’m ashamed of that ‘part’ of me but one can’t help these feelings…. This explains why she has been mean to me. She is going through a bad break up. Somehow, I feel bad but not totally. I feel good too.

“But now that I think of it, I think it’s a bad idea…” Imole is still talking.

“No!” I screech in dismay. “It’s a wonderful idea!” I exclaim.

Imole raises his eyes at me.

“You know me. I dread the process of hiring. I know Simi and I think she would be a great personal assistant. Thanks, Imole. You have made things easier for me.” I try to wave it off like it was not a big deal but don’t fool Imole a bit.

He sags back into his chair and puts his hands together like in prayer. “Hmm. Interesting.”


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