Simi’s resolve 9

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Simi Peters
“Errmm.” Jeff is stuttering.

I have a lot of things running through my mind but somehow my throat feels too tight for the words to come. I just keep staring alternatively between them. I haven’t even told Tola that he took my company away from me too. I don’t have the guts. I just told her that I needed the job experience. That I will let my uncles run the company till I’m able. 

If his fiancée smiles at me once more, I will throttle her. Lucky for her, she stops smiling but then says. “How have you been? You left your handbag the other day and your shoes which are very nice by the way.”

I nod and continue to stare as she turns to Jeff and continues. “Darling, this is the neighbor I told you about. The one I said came to welcome us to the neighborhood but then rushed out so suddenly. I was so scared.” She turns to me and asks. “What happened? Did you get a bad news?”

“Yes, I did.” I say while giving Jeff a meaningful glance.

“Eeyyyaaa..” She says in pity but it was short-lived because she turns to Jeff and says. “Jefferson sweetie, we better head back. It feels like rain.” True to that, it starts to drizzle. I turn back into the compound and walk back to Tola’s apartment. I lie on the couch and stare till I fall asleep.

I must have been physically drained cause I don’t wake up that day. I wake up the next day around 6:30am to Tola’s shuffling feet at the door coupled with the intermittent shrilling of the doorbell. I didn’t know people still used it. I call out to her that the door isn’t locked. She rushes in, going straight into the bathroom, from where she calls out to me. “Simi, how was your night?! Hope you didn’t miss me?” She asks, then, I hear her leave the bathroom. “Did you even sleep in this room at all?” I hear her open her closet. “So you were seeing movies all night?” She asks while struggling into something that must be a jean or something tight. “Hope you sha checked the website?” She asks coming out of her room. True to what I thought, she is wearing a jean and an enormous Mickey Mouse shirt. It was ridiculous, I couldn’t help but giggle. “Why are you laughing?” She asks, amused.

I sit up and she gets a good look at my face. “What happened to you?” Worry chasing amusement away. She sits beside me. 

“Nothing.” I reply. “I’m fine.”

“Didn’t you get a suitable job? I told someone about a job opportunity and he told me he would get back to me. Don’t let this weigh you down.” She moves in for a hug.

“I’m not worried about any job, Tola. Leave me alone.” I say and push her away even though her statement about a possibility of a job has gotten my attention.

“Oh.” She says, petulantly. “Then what is the problem?”

“Nothing oooooo.” I stress but then she gives me that look that I can’t help but tell her. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t want to tell her before. I always end up telling her stuff. I guess I’m still a bit sensitive about the issue. I was played big and she warned me but I fell for it anyways. “Okay. I saw Jeff.”

“What? He came here? How dare he? I will have him arrested.”

I roll my eyes. “He didn’t come here. I met him on the road.” Tola is just too protective.

“You went out?” Inquisitive too.

“Tola, I’m really not in the mood for all this.” I reply already feeling a headache coming on.

“Okay, so what did he say?”

“He said nothing. Leave it alone. I’m not ready to face him yet.”

“Okay dear. There really is nothing you can do about it. There are several men out there breaking people’s heart. The best revenge….”

“… is to dust your ass and get up.” I say and roll my eyes. “I got it the first time.”

“Okay then. So, get up.” She stands up and tries unsuccessfully to pull me up. “I got a job interview for you and it looks good.”

“Where? What position.” I ask glad she brought the topic up again.

“As a PA. In a company Imole works at.” Why does that name ring a bell?

“Imole? Isn’t that the guy we met at Radisson. Yanju’s friend?!” I ask, clearly terrified of the prospect.

“Yeah?” She half asked.

“Does Yanju work there too?” I ask cautiously.

“I don’t know.” She replies.

“Ask him.” I demand.

“Ask who?” She asks.

“Ask Imole.” I clarify.

“Okay.” She agrees and goes into the bedroom to pick up her phone and I recline. I hear her talking in the bedroom. Soon she comes out of it and says. “He works there. In fact, the vacancy is a post as his PA.”

I sit right up. “Never! It’s not happening.”

“Just relax now. What did the poor guy do to you self?”

“I can’t relax. I’m not going there. That’s final.” Even as I make my decision my heart starts to beat frantically. I’m having some weird feelings I don’t want to examine. I think I come on a little stronger than I intended cause Tola replies with “Yes, mummy.”

I look at her and see she is laughing at me. “Whatever.” I roll my eyes.

“One day, you will tell me what really transpired between both of you.” She points at me and hits me with a magazine.

I flip her off.


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