Simi’s resolve 10

Yanju Peters

“Imole, I thought you said Simi was coming for the interview. I don’t see her anywhere.” I’m in my office on the day of the interview. I have walked out of my office several times and seen almost fifty ladies in the waiting room but no Simi. Even a guy is there even though it was clearly stated that only ladies were wanted. I keep going to the waiting room to get a cup of water. Even my acting PA- Sharon- is giving me weird looks. She knows I have a water dispenser in my office which is even better than the one I keep going to. I want to go out one more time to check if she is there but I can’t.

“Oh. I forgot to tell you. She changed her mind.” Imole replies me like it is not a big deal. Maybe to him…


“Yeah. She is not coming.” He says dismissively. “Yanju, we need to talk about the new place. Maybe when I see you.” I’m hearing his words but still processing his earlier statement. “I don’t trust that Ken guy.” He continues but I disconnect and stare for a minute. I hear a knock on the door and soon, my acting PA’s head shows around my door. “People are waiting.” She says.

“Well, if they are going to be my personal assistant, they need to learn patience.” I snap out. Sharon gives me a look that tells me quite clearly that she is glad her position is only temporary. “I will be out shortly.” I amend.

We made the vacancy so hush hush that I thought we wouldn’t even get up to five applicants but I can see almost fifty ladies. I don’t know how these things get out. I walk back out to the waiting room and address them. There was a hush as I stepped in front of them. “I am sorry for keeping you guys waiting. We will begin shortly. Sharon will call you and lead you in. Good luck.” I say and smile while looking around. I watch the effect I have on them. Yeah. Still very well present. I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch. One lady even went as far as winking at me. I already crossed her off in my mind. I walk back into my office and call Imole in one last desperate attempt. “Why didn’t she want to come?” I ask as soon as he picks.

“Who?” He asks.


“I don’t know. She probably doesn’t want to subject herself to your ugly face for months.”

“Yeah bye.” I say absentmindedly as my mind ran through several reasons. The first interviewee is shown into my office by Sharon.

“I’m sorry about the delay.” I say and gesture for her to sit. I bring her folder up on my Mac as soon as she tells me her ID number.

We started the process and by the time the last person left, I was dog-tired. I fish out my phone from my pocket and check it. I see two missed calls from Imole. I remember vaguely that he was trying to tell me something about Ken. Ken is the manager in charge of my new gym. It’s a state of the art gym with basket ball court and the works. I’m sure it is the best in the country but if it is not, it would be close. I dial Imole’s number. “Hello, Imole. You were telling me about Ken. What’s up?”

“Yeah I don’t trust him.” He states simply.

“Has he done anything?” I ask.

“Nope. Not really. I’m watching him though. He seems dishonest to me.”

“You know he can’t mess with me, Imole.”

“Yeah I know that but something doesn’t feel right. You should pay more attention to that side of your business.” He warns.

“That’s why I have you, Imole. You should help take care of that. You know I have a lot on my plate now. You are my Vice President.”

“Yeah, I am but only for your Law firm. Your gym isn’t in my Job description.”

“You are also my best friend.”

“Yeah, well. That’s why I’m going through all this. When are you leaving for Johannesburg?”

“Friday.” I’m traveling to Johannesburg to help a friend of my father- Mr Mark. He was duped by some fraudsters. My father has been calling me incessantly to go and see him and check out his documents maybe I would find a loophole that would help his case. So, I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. I don’t know how long I am going to be but hopefully, it would be a short stay. I don’t like to stay away from my babies- my companies which brings me back to Imole. “Just manage the law firm and let Ken do his work. Leave him alone. When I get back, I’m going there straight for a surprise visit. I just hope to God for him that he isn’t jeopardizing his position. You know I don’t put people I can’t trust in delicate positions such as his. Let him prove himself.”

“Okay, sir.”

“Imole?” I warn in a stern voice. I don’t like it when Imole refers to me in deference and he knows it.

“What? Kick ass in Johannesburg.” He says and disconnects.


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