Simi’s resolve 12

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Yanju Peters
Today is Saturday. I’m just getting back from Johannesburg after three weeks. After three weeks of hard struggle, I’m glad I left Mr Mark a happy man. It was really a tough nail to hit. I thought Mr Mark would know better than to sign a business agreement without prior perusal from his business lawyer or maybe even in his presence. The fraudsters brought him an ‘idea’ for fast money and he jumped at it. Let’s just say he would never make such mistake again. They almost cost him his entire life savings. He told me he was glad my dad sent me. That he had never seen anyone so passionate about other people’s lives. It’s true especially when it comes to fraud. I just don’t stand for fraudsters. I could spend my entire life trying to put one behind bars. Guess I am really passionate. I went through some intense lawyering to get the man his business back. I had so much of law that as soon as it was all done, I vowed not to go to my law firm for two days. I call my father as soon as I can and break the good news. He lets me know Mr Mark already called him and that he is proud of me. I disconnect after some awkward gratitude and stuff.

Now, I’m on my way to my gym. I bought a building next to Omega mall in Lekki few months ago and turned it into a gym. Omega mall actually belongs to my father which is why I jumped at the offer when I heard the next building was up for sales. It is complete with a swimming area, a basketball court and a spa. I park in the parking lot in front of it and slightly marvel at the huge difference from when I first saw it. I make a mental note to give Imole a raise. He really tried for the gym even though it wasn’t in his job description. I was just at the background, following things from a corner. I walk inside and smell the newness.

“Hello. How can I help you? Do you want to register for gym classes?” A lady I think is the receptionist is asking me as I enter.

“No. I’m here to see Ken. The manager?” I reply.

“Oh. I will see if he is available.” She picks up the land line and cradles it under her chin as she dials Ken’s office. “Sorry. What is your name sir?” She asks.

“Yanju.” I reply.

“Okay.” She says and talks to the other person on the line for a while.

Thanks.” I mouth and she nods at me.

I turn and survey the surroundings.

She calls my attention and says Ken will be right out. She looks surprised that Ken didn’t just tell her to direct me to his office.

“Mr Peters!” Ken calls as he gets to the lobby. Ken is a stout guy with bulging muscles. He is very fair in complexion. “I’m so happy to see you, sir.” He is saying.

“I’m happy to see you too, Ken.” I shake his hand.

Ken turns to the receptionist and raises his eyebrow at her meaningfully. She doesn’t seem to understand what he is trying to tell her but she stands up all the same. I for one think she is astute. I like her already.

“Cynthia, this is the Boss, Mr Yanju Peters.” He chides her like she is supposed to know me when I never showed my face.

“Oh!” She says, Pink suffusing her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, sir.” She has left her desk and is walking towards us. “It is a pleasure to meet you. Sir.”

“Same here. Cynthia, Relax.” I tell her and smile at her. More pink suffuses her cheeks. “You can go back to your desk now.”

She does after thanking me a dozen times. I don’t understand why.

“Sir, would you like a tour of the place?” Ken asks.

“Yes, I would love one.” He takes me to his office, the lounge, the shower, the restroom area and then the actual exercise room where I notice a few people sweating away. I’m about to turn and follow him out when I notice someone in a corner being instructed by a male gym instructor. My heartbeat stops when I realize it is Darasimi. “What are you doing?!” I shout before I can stop myself. The instructor is helping her get in some kind of locked embrace that must be hurting the eyes of people around them. I know it is hurting mine. “When did I start running a brothel?!” I ask again out of fury. Or maybe jealousy. I don’t know.

“Yanju?” She groans out from under the guy.

For one, I’m glad she remembers my name. “Yeah?” I half-ask.

The gym instructor jumps up and moves away. Maybe he thinks I’m a jealous husband or something. I sure do look like one.

“What are you doing here and why are you shouting?” She asks me and stands up.

“What?!” I ask unbelievingly. Why is she behaving like I didn’t just see her practicing some some obscene movement with that that that guy!

She stares at me for a second and grabs a small towel with which she wipes her face and neck. “Please mind your business.” She says to me and grin.

I can’t help but grin back. “How have you been?” I remember the first day I met her.

“Good. You should register. This is really a nice place. Good equipment; great instructors.”

Ken is grinning widely just off to the corner. “Yeah well I can see how great the instructors are.” I say sarcastically.

“Get over it. It’s a Cat-cow.” She says and rolls her eyes.

“Cat what?.” I ask rhetorically. I turn to Ken and tell him I don’t want cat cow style in my gym but then he looks confused and asks me if he should strike off ‘happy baby, ‘open-leg rocker’ and ‘down dog’ too. By the time he finishes asking, my head starts to hurt too along with my eyes.

Simi scoffs and rolls her eyes.”Who do you think you are telling them what to strike off the program?” She asks.

“It is my gym.” I answer simply, still staring at Ken.

“Oh, really? Wow. Nice.” I turn to her and She is stretching her feet apart as widely as humanly possible and then she bends. Doesn’t she know what she is doing to me?

“Thanks. Why didn’t you come for the interview, Simi?” I ask.

She straightens and looks at me for a few seconds before replying. “I wasn’t interested.” She says and assumes another position.

I watch as sweat drop from her eyebrow. I can’t believe I still find her goddamn attractive looking all sweaty with not an inch of make up on. Infact, my body is all wound up and all I’m thinking about is snatching her up and making wild passionate love to her. What is this woman doing to me? The position I met her earlier isn’t helping my imagination a bit. She must have read my thoughts on my face because she sucks in her lower lip-God help me- and starts to shift uncomfortably. She pushes an imaginary lock of hair behind her ear and looks down. Freaking cute.

“You don’t like attorneys, huh?” I can’t help but tease.

“I’m indifferent. Just wasn’t interested in the job.” She shrugs.

“Okay. So what are you doing now?” I ask truly concerned.

“I work as a sales clerk in a perfume store in Omega.” She says and grins widely.

“Really? Interesting.” I smile a full blown smile. I can’t help it. There is only one perfume store in Omega and it is mine. When my father started the mall, he gave me a building to myself and I turned it into a perfume store because of my love for them. I had some money from my savings as a lawyer then when I was still working under a firm that represented oil companies. I remember I need to see Mrs Bolaji, the manager of the store. Sales have been drastically dropping these past few months. I make up my mind to play close attention to other businesses I run-not only my law firm. “I hope it wasn’t because of me you didn’t come for the interview because you got a job working for me on a more permanent basis.” I say and smile with satisfaction as I see confusion give way to realization then disbelief on her face and something snaps in me. I want her more.

Even the universe agrees.

9 thoughts on “   Simi’s resolve 12

  1. Scintillating…Nice build up of emotion,nice marriage of words,beautiful train of thought…I’m so rooting for you dear.God bless you for us


  2. seems this Yanju owns everything …well I think fate keeps bringing them together. the earlier Simi realises it the better it will be for them both. Anyway, I’m a lady and I think I understand Simi…


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