Mirror 1b

This girl is peeping through my window again. 

The thought of buying her a telescope just for the fun of it makes me smile. I have been noticing the two ladies since I got to this estate. When I got here, I just wanted to blend in and do things normal people do if I could but they have been a constant thorn in my side. One is too inquisitive while the other is not as curious as I would love her to be. Sigh. Admittedly, the lady is beautiful but as much as I find her attractive, I can’t have anything to do with her because she is not my type at all. When I thought of blending in, attaching myself with a very fair lady with blonde Mohawk and tattoos was not on my list. In fact, I have made up my mind to stay far away from her. Not like I have a choice anyway. I admit that I am curious that she isn’t curious about me.You see, I’m a beautiful man. My body is almost perfect if not entirely. My family’s money sure isn’t helping matters especially when you are the only surviving family. I sigh inwardly. I don’t know what the architect was thinking when he planned these buildings – for all the buildings in the estate were designed by the same firm- but what I know is that  I can see her bathroom and half of her room effortlessly. It’s a bit lower than my own, so I can see almost everything. She is naked. I can’t believe this is happening again. For how long will I continue to avoid my room because of her? I have to go use Sam’s bathroom every single time. I don’t share stuff like that. I don’t share anything personal. It makes me sick. I can’t believe I’m derailing from my life because of a stranger. I have had enough. I do my business hastily and leave my bedroom. Not before I get a glimpse of the second girl again. She is still peeping. I don’t know which one is worse. The one that is peeping into my room or the one leaving her bathroom window open for all to see. I shake my head. All these small small runs girls. I made my mind up about that fact the minute I met them. I pass by my window again and surreptitiously check if the peeping tom is still there. She is saying something. Probably to the other lady. I read her lips as much as I can.

The huge guy just passed by this bimbo! He’s gay! Aren’t you furious about his life? He is always in. for all ways!

Wait, what does she mean bimbo? I check my back just to be sure there isn’t a woman behind me. Gay? Did she just call me gay? I want to go to their house and let them both hear it. Gay?? Well yeah I am furious! I breathe in deeply and go to the sitting room in lieu. It’s so sad that I can’t walk out to let these girls have a piece of my mind. I flop down in one of the chairs. Few minutes later, I stand up from the chair and pace angrily. Sam texts me.

What has got you so riled up? Is it those girls again?

I look back and see him standing by the bar, a glass of scotch in his hand.  Things like this shouldn’t rile me up so easily but when they have been doing it for months…

I walk to the shelf behind the dining table and tear a sheet of paper on which I scribble something and pass it to Sam. The beautiful thing about Sam is that he knows what I want even before I think it. I don’t know what I would do without him. It would take a really long time for Sunday to catch up. It is understandable though since he is new.


 I am coming from a meeting with the Nigerian branch manager of the Swedish company I have been building  a software for for the last five months. The woman has been a solid block against me. I’m irritable from my frustrated efforts at making the woman see reasons why I have to change some of the things. It’s really frustrating being me. Really really. I tug at my tie. My phone beeps.

Take it easy. Things will sort itself out.

I meet Sam’s gaze in the rear view mirror and nod. I finish loosening my tie and try to relax into my seat more. Sunday is driving while Sam is riding shotgun. That leaves only me in the backseat. The street is silent which is  not unexpected though since it is 1am. I hate being  stuck in traffic during rush hour. It is exhausting. I’m just glad I’m almost home. I can’t wait to get in the shower. I just hope those witches are asleep. Or dead. I was expecting some form of retribution for what I sent to them but I guess the older one was really mature. Besides, I got my satisfaction from watching her read the note. I grin. She actually crumpled it. I almost thought it would turn to ashes. She stood staring after Sam for a full minute agape.

We are almost at the estate when the car stops suddenly. I open my eyes wondering what was happening when I see Sam jumping out of the car. He has dragged a woman from a man and is punching him in quick successions before I can say jack Robinson. Sunday has parked properly, so I get down from the car to investigate.

Immediately Sam sees me, it’s like he snaps out of hypnosis. He jumps up from the guy and helps the lady stand up. Wait? Is that blonde Mohawk I see? I want to turn away immediately but I see her stumble and grab her before she hits the ground. I carry her to the car and place her gently in the back seat. I can see tears falling from her eyes. I want to comfort her but I don’t know how. She is shouting at me but I can’t hear her. I try hard to read her lips but it’s a jumble. She just keeps repeating ‘gun of the rich.” You see? It doesn’t really make sense. I turn back to Sam but he is backing me. I hit the side of the car to draw his attention. He turns to me immediately. I wave him on, telling him we have to leave. He jumps into action and soon we resume our ride plus the girl that keeps screaming ‘gun of the rich.’

When we get to the front of my house, I get down and help her down. She tries to push away from me but I hold her firmly. I lift her face to me with her chin and see her face. 

I can’t explain the feeling that overwhelms me when I see it. My God. Did someone actually do this to a person. I hope Sam drew Karma on his body. The bastard. I want to invite her into my house but I can’t. Besides, I’m sure a woman can help her more than Sam and I. I give Sunday directions to see her into her apartment and stay in their compound till it was bright in case the son of a bitch wanted to come back.


Gun of the rich?

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch???

Son of a bitch!

I sigh. 


8 thoughts on “Mirror 1b

  1. habyba, tell me to goan read o nd stop following mirror again just lyk i did for simi’s resolve!!!! but anyway ur stories are like movies to me i cant help picturing each episode.lol


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