Mirror 3a

I can’t wait to get to the romantic part. This bit is quite exhausting! Haha!

I smile when Tony opens the door for me but it quickly changes to frown when I see his face. See what that brute did to my baby. “Tony.” I say as I reach for him but he turns and walks into his apartment leaving the door ajar. I think for an instant whether I should give him some space but I don’t. I walk in. The pain is back again. I think the drug has worn off. I limp towards him, every bone and muscle complaining. Tony is in the living room staring absentmindedly at the tv. I approach cautiously. “Tony?” No response. “I’m sorry.” 

“I am the one that should be apologizing. I don’t know what came over me.” He says and turns to look at my face. “Get a balm for your face.” He says.

Tony is different and the way he reacts to emotions is different too. I know he loves me and we are helping him to be better. I know he is trying to be better. I go to his room and pick the balm then hand it over to him. He collects it from me and applies it for me. “I’m sorry.” He says. I smile and blink away tears. See? He is worth the pain. People may think I’m crazy but I know what I get from him. Emotional stability. He understands me completely. Loving him may hurt sometimes but it is the only thing that I know. Before him, I was just like a zombie. “It’s okay, baby.” I say.

He smiles and relaxes, pulling his legs up on the chair. “How is work?”

“Going on well..” I say and try to relax too. I wince in pain.

He smiles again. I look at him. I met him at a very low period of my life. I was just taking the days one at a time with no plans for the future. I was an assistant to his mother. I helped with delivery for she was a matron. I had worked for her for years when she announced that her son was coming back home after studying abroad for years. She was excited and I was happy for her. She was nice to me. She was my family. She gave me the name Uzoduwa. I don’t care about the years before her for the years with her would always be in my heart. When Tony arrived, I was impressed and intimidated. He was the one that asked me what I was going to do with my life after I worked with his mother. Long story short, I owe him. What am I if I don’t endure his excesses? He has endured my craziness. I owe his family a lot. I’m not going to be an ingrate. He doesn’t ask much of me. He doesn’t even ask anything of me. Nothing at all. He just wants me for his own. I adore him and he knows it.


I’m almost at my gate when I see him in front of it staring at my side of the house. I feel uncomfortable because Tony is with me. I can’t reverse because Tony would know something was up. I wish the ground would open and he would just enter.  I don’t want Tony to see him. I honk but he doesn’t even move from the spot. What the fuck? Hugh! 

“Who is he?” Tony asks. I’m a bit hopeful that Tony doesn’t recognise him.

“He is my neighbor.” I say trying to act indifferent.

Tony reaches over and presses the honk repeatedly but the dude doesn’t even move, he justs leisurely glances at his phone and stares right back up. I get down from the car and tap him harder than I intended. He jumps and turns. I have never seen him this up close. Jehovah. This guy is fine oo. Mahn. My thought train derailed for several minutes. I think he sees that I’m groping for something coherent to say because he smiles exposing the best set of teeth on earth. I swear.

“I… Errmm…” I flounder. “Please move away. I want to move my car.” I say. His intense gaze was on my lips. I mean I know my lips are beautiful but do they deserve this much attention? Really? He stops staring at my lips though after I finish talking and smiles at me as he looks into my eyes- Lucifer comes to mind- then he looks behind me. He sees the car and his countenace turns stonily cold. He looks at me inquiringly for a minute then pushes past me to his house. 

I stare after him. Talk about odd.

“What was that about?” Tony asks as I get back in to drive.

“I have no freaking idea.” I say.

I shiver as his face flashes through my mind.

He is a sin waiting to happen.


11 thoughts on “Mirror 3a

  1. Quite short. I’d be lying if is said I know how it is. Dunno where the creativity comes from but I need more, lol. As for u Uzoduwa that thinking is unhealthy…


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