Mirror 4b

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I have been moody since yesterday when I saw that guy in her car. God, I can’t  even explain myself. Even Sam is getting pissed. I can’t remember the last time I was this moody. I have been trying to be on a lowkey. I don’t need a tattoo covered, mohawked, ripped jeans wearing  girl that is always tottering art paintings to come and disrupt what I have carefully built. I don’t need her but I’m drawn to her. She reminds me of Ella. Although, I must admit that I felt relief when I saw the guy leave the same day. It’s not because of anything but the fact that he could hurt her in the middle of the night. The googly eyed girl would prolly be busy staring into my window while the guy smashes tattoo girl’s face in. I just am concerned about my neighbours. It is totally natural. Which is why I knew when she left so early this morning and when she came back and when she was painting and when she was receiving a call and when she left the room and when she came back into the room and when she went downstairs to that man’s apartment. She turns briefly towards my window but I dodge back and let the blind fall properly. I open it slightly when I see she has turned away. Soon, the man comes out and they are smiling at each other like fools. I roll my eyes. Is she sleeping with a married man? I feel my heart still as the thought crosses my mind. If she isn’t, then she must be really blind because this man has the hots for her. She smiles shyly at him and they exchange words. Hugh. Is she going to enter his apartment? Like enter? Is she sleeping with him? I’m disappointed. I’m about to drop the curtain again and find something else to do when I see him gesture towards some things at her feet. Why didn’t I notice she was carrying these stuff?  I’m so dumb. In many ways..  She probably just wants to paint someone’s room. She is so hardworking.  I feel terrible. I sigh. The man helps her with the stuff and they go inside. I’m still on point with the man though. I’m not comfortable with him and her together but I’m sure his wife is at home. I have seen her around.  She wouldn’t be so dumb as to go work when his wife isn’t around. Or would she? I stand at my window for over thirty minutes pondering over a lot of things. Her, me, my life. I have to do something about myself. I can’t keep living like this. 

Have you reached the people that would install the gym?  I send a message to Sam.

Yeah, they should start working tomorrow. He replies.

Ok. good. 

Have you thought about it or are you still moody?

I have. I will do it… But from a distance. Not like I have a choice anyway.

Good decision.

I look up from my phone and everywhere seems eerily silent. I feel uncomfortable as I look towards the apartment she just entered. I feel something is wrong but for the life of me I can’t place it. I have strong intuition. When I feel this way, something is almost always entirely wrong. I glance towards the apartment again. 

She is prolly alright and I’m just feeling this way because I care about her and I’m not comfortable with her and that man together. Hmm. I shrug it away half-heartedly and let the curtain drop.


It’s been over a year since Fareedah promised Olumide she would allow him see his son. She had allowed him and he was seeing them frequently now but his mother was not satisfied with the arrangement. Firstly, she was not allowed to see Fola. Secondly, she felt it was an insult that the Omiatas would be reduced to ordinary visitations when she had judges at her fingertips. He was running out of patience. His mother was on his neck and right now she was really twisting it. He mopped up the sweat gathering on his forehead in the AC.

“I’m fighting her for custody, Mide!” His mother screamed at him. 

“You don’t have the right, mother.” He said tiredly and with a bored expression on his face.

“I don’t have to in this country Olumide and you know it. Besides, I have the right. He is my grandson. Which judge would give a child to that woman when he could easily be given to me?”

He was sorely tempted to ask why she was so passionate about this but he guessed he had an idea. She needed a replacement.  He sighed as his gaze flickered towards and remained on his reflection on the gold tray. He looked wane and tired and sickly. A sharp contrast to what he was a few years ago. 

“Leave her alone, mother. I will handle it.” He said.

“Yeah if only Koya was alive to witness what a wimp his son had turned to for a woman. I’m not letting you handle it. It’s time I took control. I didn’t come here for your permission. I came here to tell you to warn her of the imminent Omiata wrath. After all, I owe her a warning. She is the mother of my grandson.” She said, grabbed her bag and stormed out. 

Olumide called Fareedah immediately.


“Hello, Olumide.” Fareedah said into the phone.

“Fareedah, my mother is coming for you.” He went straight to the point.

“Let her. She would regret it. It’s just a pity you may be hurt in the process.”

“I’m already dying, Fareedah. No one could possibly hurt me more.” He said resignedly. “How is my son? Is he getting better?” He asked.

“Yes. Do you want to speak with him?” 

“Yes.” He replied.

“Raji!” Fareedah called away from the phone into a distance. “Come here your father wants to speak with you.” She said and passed the phone to him as soon as he got to her.

“Hello.” He said, timidly.

“Afolabi.” Olumide said. “How are you?”


I’m sorry this came late. My writing gadget got broken. Had to fix it.

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  1. Oh god! I don’t know how much more my heart can take.. These two deserve d most EPIC ending in d history of romance of novel. And I believe u will give them.


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