Mirror 5c

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I don’t know what is wrong with her. She usually has these withdrawal symptoms but it didn’t stop her from eating which makes me question this particular episode. The last time I saw her was when she dropped the money for market. I came back, met the door unlocked and wide open. When I knocked on her door, she just groaned in response but didn’t say anything. I have been lonely for hours now. I think I really should start making friends. I have a feeling that she had a fight with Tony before he left yesternight. In fact, I’m sure that is it because when I called her from the market, she sounded so distant and different.  Tony was always the one that could succeed in shifting her into this terrible mood. If not for the fact that I saw her car, I would think she wasn’t in. Everything has been silent for some time now. I sigh as I taste the jollof rice I’m making. I put my all in this food and she won’t even come out to eat? How petty. It’s a slap on my face and for that I’m giving her the smallest piece of meat. If only she knew how much haggling I had to do to get the best out of the money she gave me. Smallest piece of meat it is. I’m going to ignore her when she finally comes out of the room. Serves her right. But she doesn’t come out. The day passes and not even a peep from her. I’m shifting to worry. I reluctantly go and knock on her door but her room remains silent. I don’t know why she can’t discuss things with me. I knock again but no response. I sigh and walk away. I dish the food on a plate and sit down to eat with Chimamanda’s Americanah.


I don’t know how but I slept off on the book. When I wake, the first thing I do is go to the kitchen to check if Uzoduwa woke up later but even as I enter the kitchen, it occurs to me that if she had woken up, she would have woken me up so that I can go sleep in my bedroom instead of the sitting room.  I open the pot and the sight I see further confirms what I knew. I drop the lid back unceremoniously and walk to her door. I bang the door as opposed to knocking. She assures me that she is fine even though I didn’t ask her. Hint no. 1. I make sure I see her face though. She doesn’t look good but at least she is not about to commit suicide. I laugh in my head. She has paint brushes in her hair so that means she is painting and she asked for food. Signs that she is getting over whatever happened. For some reasons, I feel uplifted. I must have really been worried about her. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the big sister. I just am too playful but I worry about her a lot. I go back to warm a plate of rice for her and put the largest piece of meat on top of it for her. I mean, she deserves it considering the way she looks. I knock on her door and pass the plate to her. She closes the door on my face. I forgive her because she must be going through a lot. God knows what it is this time. “I will be in my room.” I call. I just hope she doesn’t go into another two day withdrawal. I need to see my guy.

I sleep off again on Americanah but this time, I make sure it is in my room.


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