Mirror 6c


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If you read Stakes and Simi’s resolve, and you are reading Mirror, then you know the image above aptly describes me. Lol… I see some people searching for ‘stakes all episodes and Simi’s resolve’.. Lmao. They are coming back. You should have them soon by Gods grace. ❀

Fola doesn’t really care what anyone thinks or what I think.
I can no longer hear a sound from Fola’s room. I’m not comfortable with them together but it isn’t because I don’t trust Fola. It’s that girl I don’t trust. I must say I was a bit taken aback when Fola carried her in. Why is she always in distress when he is around? I suspect that she has caught a whiff of his money. The last time I risked my health in her defense, she didn’t even thank me. She just kept calling Fola son of a bitch. That night I wanted to scold her but one look at Fola’s face and I knew he had a soft spot for her. Now that I think of it, Fola changed since that day. Talking about going to assume his duties, installing a gym and now he is going to see his therapist again. I think he wants to be a better person for her. I’m not sure but I strongly think so. Why else would he consider these things? I remember discussing that night with him the day after. He made a statement- which he wrote down in a bold scrawl- that I was really proud of. 

Why would i beat up a woman when there are several other ways to deal with her?

I’m just worried that this Ella would be a distraction to him. Granted, she is beautiful but it has also been proven that she is ungrateful. I just find it disconcerting that she wants to worm her way into his heart because there is no way I can explain this. I can’t get past the fact that it is just for money. One thing though, I’m glad he is seeing his therapist again. I can hear the patter of rain outside and it reminds me of the past when Fola and I were still struggling. We were hawking drinks and beef roll. I was handling the beef rolls while he was handling the drinks. It was after Fola had been rejected by his family so many times that he had lost hope. He had just finished secondary school with honors. He was about to pass a bottle of coke to a woman in a car when she held on to him and peered up at his face. “Olumide.” She said like in a trance. I was so scared that day. I dragged his hand from the woman and pulled him back. I was always watching out for him. She opened her door to alight but people had started honking furiously behind her. She slammed the door back and zoomed off. For a second, we thought she was gone but I looked around properly and saw that she had just gone to find a place to park and was walking back. The thought of crazy women kidnapping children registered on my mind and I signaled for Fola. We ran till we got to our hiding place, breathing hard. I signaled to Fola that the woman was crazy and told him slowly that he was calling him Olumide. I could see him stiffen at that name. It was at that moment, I realised I had just made a huge mistake. He ran back like his life depended on it. I felt bad that day but I also knew I was just watching out for him. People were kidnapping young children back then and were using them for all sorts. Name it- slavery, prostitution, even rituals. He came back after some hours looking crestfallen.
We had our first huge row that day and it made me never want to be on his bad side again. Which is why even though I don’t trust Ella at all, I have to be circumspect about all this.


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