Mirror 7a

Sorry about this delay but I had a terrible day! No matter what, you owe it to the universe to be the good person.

“Look who decided to finally wake up.” 

I hear as I open my eyes, the sun streaming through the window. I look up to see Fola smiling down at me. I yawn and stretch luxuriously on the bed. My body grazes red roses which are all over the bed. I look at them and smile. “Red riding hood.” He says and it serves as a switch, for the roses melt into blood and the stems become growing thorns. I look up at Fola questioningly and fearfully but it isn’t him. It is one of those old men who used to molest me. He has gnashing teeth, wolfish yellow eyes and ears. I wake up screaming, my heart thumping wildly. The scream should bring down the whole estate but Fola doesn’t move from his corner in the large room. “It was just a nightmare.” I repeat like a mantra till my heart slows down. The room looks larger in the day than at night. I take advantage of Fola’s oblivion to stare at him for a minute. He always looked so playful and rude and you think he doesn’t have a care in the world, then all of a sudden, he is sitting in front of a computer looking all serious and businesslike. Quite surprising. I don’t know why I felt like I could tell him everything. Wow. He must think I’m a crazy lady with a lot of baggage. I’m thinking when suddenly, he turns towards me, a thoughtful expression on his face. He smiles at me when he sees I’m awake and I’m forced to smile back. I must look a mess. He walks over to me and shows me his wristwatch. What? Am I supposed to swoon because it is- Wait, is that the time? I look up at him with wide eyes. Oh my God. Mel would be beside herself. I jump up from the bed and immediately realise my mistake. I’m in my bra and panties. I rush behind a closed door- any closed door- and find it is his bathroom. What can I say? It is a state of art. I found my way to his collection of towels and rub one across my skin. Wow. The bathroom doesn’t really have the essentials. Like, there is no shower head which is very important to me since I am a shower person but the bath tub more than makes up for it. I’m sorely tempted to have a long soak after the week I have had. I look back at the closed door behind me and think why not but I honestly possibly couldn’t. Could I? There are so many faucets. I don’t know which is exactly for which. I see a flat equipment with buttons on it like a remote control and press something. What was I saying about no shower head? I can’t believe I called this a state of art without seeing this beautifully crafted shower head. I’m already feeling relaxed as the water runs down my body. Who is this guy? I press another button and music seeps out from a hidden place. Jeez. It must be an apple product. I don’t think there is another brand that can justify the word ‘music’. I think I stay in the shower for another one hour. I’m not so sure. I try to think of ways to deal with that vermin that thinks he can do that to me. I haven’t seen him since it happened. I can’t take him to court because it is my word against his. Besides, who would believe a girl with Mohawk, scars and tattoos over a seemingly simple looking guy? I know I was supposed to act immediately after the deed was done but I think it’s better not to be me at any point of one’s life. I used to read about rape cases and gloat that it could never happen to me. You never truly know until you know where exactly the shoe hurts. I may not be able to get Mr Ken through the legal route but I sure as hell will make him pay for what he did to me. I don’t mind whatever happens. Some people think they can just be bad to people and get away with. They are so going to pay for everything. The crazy world we live now that people celebrate bad things and bad is wisdom and you are happy about your self. Bad bitch and bad dudes. What gets me most is those ones hide behind the cloak of serving God. Sometimes it irks me that God is so patient but I try to understand because I’m only human. What do I know? That old woman thought she could just make an eight year old into a sex slave and get away with it. Anything for the cash right? I scoff. The bastard think he can just rape me and the world will somehow bend to his will and cover it up for him. It is well. I swear he would regret the day he eve crossed my path. It’s time I started standing for myself in this world since there really is no one to do it for me. I’m wheezing from the emotion coursing through me and the combination of that with the water sliding down my face makes me feel like I’m drowning. I shut the faucet and gulp. This whole thing has dampened my spirit and it’s nothing the shower can lift. I step out and briefly see the window to my bathroom. Hell, he really can see everything. I grab a towel from the stack and tie it around my body. I peep around the door and hope he isn’t backing me so I can tell him to excuse me for a minute but I don’t see him in the room. Instead, I see a jean and a Tee shirt on the bed. I’m dressed and ready to go in a few minutes. I walk down the hall with the cautiousness of unfamiliarity. They are talking to each other or let me say Sam is talking in furious undertone to Fola whose arms are crossed leisurely and looking at Sam with a bored expression. He seems to feel my presence because he turns towards me and props up his chin in acknowledgement. I know I look like shit but he smiles at me like I’m a goddess all the same. I clear my throat nervously. “Ahem. I will just be on my way.” I say slowly because my statement was really meant for Fola. He eyes me with poorly veiled amusement and waves me off. He gestures to me to follow him to what looks like the kitchen but I shake my head no. His expression convey he didn’t want to be argued with. 

“Come on? You have to eat something.” Sam says but something in his geniality rang a little hollow and forced. 

“I’m sorry.” I say and rush out of their house.

Why is my life all wrong???


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