Mirror 7b

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I’m a bit concerned about her hasty departure. I thought we bonded last night.  I want to chase after her but Sam is having one of his moments. My big brother; always watching out for me. He isn’t always right though. I remember one particular time when I missed a chance of meeting a person who knew my father when he was alive because of his paranoia. He always thinks someone is out to get me. I understand him a bit though. My father was both powerful and wealthy and that’s a good combination for making enemies but Sam has got to trust me. I’m no fool.

He is still talking and I’m catching up with him easily. He thinks Ella is up to no good. Just wait till I tell him who she is. I smile as his expected jaw dropping expression amuses me. 

“Why are you smiling?” He asks. “Do you think this is funny? Am I funny now?”

Whoa! Sam is getting really riled up. I so want to scream out this little bit of information out but not now. I need to be certain of some things. I school my facial expression into seriousness and fold my arms again, and he resumes talking.

“You don’t know these women. I don’t trust her. Cut her loose, Fola. Please do that.” He pleads. I nod my head in agreement just to get a bit of freedom. “Can I go now?” I try to mouth, slowly. I am grinning at his surprised look. I’m making progress. Haha.

I’m going to have to avoid Ella for a while to make Sam happy. I don’t think it would be hard though considering her hasty departure. Feels like she can’t stand to be in the same room with me. For a moment, I consider the fact that maybe it’s because of my condition but even as it occurs to me, I wave it off. She is not like that. I’m still wondering why she hasn’t connected the dots. Oh, she said she doesn’t even remember my face. Hmm. I feel somehow. I look at my wrist watch. I have an appointment with my doctor. I rush upstairs to take a shower. When I’m in the comfort of my room, I strip down to my skin and walk to the bathroom. Water is everywhere. I’m going to kill Ella. I swear it. I walk out undecided about my next line of action. That’s when I feel it. I turn towards it and behold the most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen staring straight at me from her window.  She is completely eye raping me. I don’t dart to the side, or squat out of sight, or do anything else that might indicate embarrassment. Instead, I grin. 


“What is this, mother?!” Olumide asked as he dropped the newspaper in front of his mother on the large dining table.

She tried to drop her cup of tea steadily but failed miserably. The hot tea scalded her hand and she picked a towel to rub it off as her face twisted in pain. “What is what?” She asked.

“This!!!” Olumide said forcefully as he jabbed the newspaper with his finger. The woman glanced down at the paper and her eyes widened a bit. “Why did you do it? Why would you hurt me like this? What did I ever do to you that justified the murder of my wife and son?”

She clasped her hands tightly under the table. “Why do you look so disheveled?” She asked.

“Don’t patronize me, woman!” Olumide thundered and for a moment, he sounded like Koya.

“She knew everything, Koya.” His mother said as if in a daze. “I had to do something about it.”

“So you killed my wife and son?” Olumide asked bitterly, still unable to fully believe what he had strongly suspected. He could feel his heart crying but his eyes remain dry although red and swollen. He didn’t even notice his mother had just called him Koya.

Her lips had started to quiver. “She knew about the child trafficking, and what we did to those children. I had to do something about it. What was I supposed to do? She threatened me.” She had started to whimper.

“Just know that I will never forgive you. You lost your only son today just like I did mine.” He said as a parting shot.

“I didn’t kill your son!” She called in a final ditch attempt to make things right. She dropped to the floor as her world collapsed around her. “What have I done?!” She screamed, pulling at her hair and breathing hard.

Lying on the table was a newspaper that was gradually getting soaked with tea that was spilled as she slipped from the chair to the ground. It showed Olumide’s men and her men , who were supposed to be protecting Afolabi, dead with their bodies ripped with bullet holes. Apparently, Olumide had sent some goons after the men that dared mess with his family. It was when he saw the newspaper that he knew it was his mother’s handiwork.


I think mirror is almost over…. I think…

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