Mirror 7c

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Happy new month

I don’t know what is wrong with sister Uzoduwa. She left the house without even saying goodbye. I’m just so confused right now. My mother has been ringing my phone since forever. I called sister Uzoduwa several times before I found out she left her phone at home. I don’t even know what to do. I’m beside myself with worry. My phone rings again. “What?” I shout into the phone and hear my mother speak up. I zone out completely as she drones on. “Okay. I will consider it.” I say mechanically and disconnect. Just then I hear the door open and close. I rush to it. “Uzoduwa!” I shout immediately I see her and hug her. “Where have you been? What are you wearing? Why didn’t you tell me you were going out? What happened?” I ask wringing my hands with worry. She hugs me and looks at me. I can see in her eyes that it’s not going to be a good news. “My mum has started calling me again.” I blurt out. I don’t know why. She shakes her head and resumes walking into the apartment. “I need a minute, Mel then I’m going to tell you a lot of things. There will be some changes around here but first you must refer to me as Ella and please stop calling me Sister.” She says as I follow behind her.”I don’t understand.” I say behind her.

“You will. Just give me a minute.” She says to me at her door and looks back to give me one final sad and knowledgeable look before kicking the door shut. I stand by her door just enough to hear her scream into a pillow and throw it accross the room. Whatever is happening to her, I hope she gets over this phase soon. I need her.

I’m in the kitchen cooking a few minutes later when I hear her come out of her room looking flushed. “I’m going to see Tony.” She says and blushes afresh. I can’t believe this. This is a rollercoaster. I can’t keep up with her emotions. I swear it is so hard to live with artists. I swear it. “Okay. Are you coming back early?” I ask.

“I’m not sure.” She replies

“Okay. Please just call me.” I say.

“I will.” She says and smiles. Soon, I hear her car. 


Less than an hour later, she is back. I can hear her fumbling with the gate. What is taking her so long? I can’t wait for the story behind Ella. I have had time to think about everything. I know she has problems with her memory from childhood and Tony’s mother named her Uzoduwa. Maybe now, her memory is back. I am not sure why she left Tony’s early though. Way too early. I can no longer hear fumbling but she still hasn’t come in. I walk to the window and gaze out. She is with that cute guy! I gasp feeling betrayed. I walk out of the house and go and join them. He is holding her face and peering at it with concentration. When did they get this familiar? I link my arm through hers as I get to them. I’m getting a bit jealous even though I know there is nothing to worry about. Uzoduwa, no, Ella loves Tony. I love… This guy… I nudge Ella and clear my throat. She glances at me and her eyes widen with knowledge as I give her a meaningful look. She knows I have been dying for this chance for ages. I need someone like him, strong, handsome and wealthy to come and whisk me away from this life. Ella is talking funny as she introduces us but I don’t really pay attention. I lift my chin up and subtly smile flirtatiously. He gives me a brief smile and turns to Ella. Hugh! He smiles into her eyes and passes a bag of something to her. I glance at it. Clothes. I look up back at him and he nods at me then walks away into a waiting car. His two bodyguards already in the car. He jumps into the backseat and they zoom off. I turn to look at Uzoduwa. Wow.

“You better start speaking.” I say with a hint of jealousy. 


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