Mirror 9a

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I swat the mosquito from my arm and open my eyes. My phone is vibrating in my pocket. I adjust to fish it out and glance at it. Three messages from Tony.

8:03 pm – I’m really sorry, Uzoduwa. I love you and I am trying to be the person you deserve. I promise I wont ever hit you again, please call me when you get this. your phone is turned off. 

9:17pm- Please can you at least talk to me? I’m going crazy! Your phone is still off or maybe you are avoiding me? Please call me

10:12am – Uwa, I’m really sorry, please call me We can work this out together. I promise. Just pick up.

I shove my phone back into my pocket and gently ease out of bed so as not to wake Mel who is snoring softly and stirring in her sleep.

I raid the kitchen as I intend to make up for three days. I’m half way through my meal when I hear this hesitant small knock. Almost as if the person has not decided whether to come in or not. I decide to ignore it and continue my food but it comes again, more firmly this time. I sigh as I stand up and peep out the window. Unbelievable. The last person I expected. I open the door and he smiles at me waving his phone in my face as I feel my phone vibrate against my hip bone.

May I come in?

I smile and tilt my head inwards indicating he should. The guy may be interrupting my meal but he saved my life. 

I wave for him to follow me as I go back to my meal. We are sitting accross each other as I resume eating. 

Just wanted to check on you. What happened with your face this morning? It wasn’t there last night.

None of your business.

I see his face register hurt and I feel a twinge of guilt.

I thought we were friends? In fact if we considered the facts, I think we are almost an old married couple.

I raise my eyebrow.

Do you want me to elaborate?

I shake my head no and resume eating. He watches me for a while till my phone lights up and starts vibrating on the table beside my plate. He glances at it and I do too. It’s Tony. I disconnect and look up to see he is frowning ever so slightly. He raises his eyes to look at me and I can see they are smoldering. I shift uncomfortably and resume eating.

I think I will just be on my way. I just wanted to check up on you.

Thanks. 🙂

He nods and stands up. When we are at the door, he hesitates for a minute and then he turns to me and moves in for a kiss. I feel paralysed as I stand still and let him take complete control of my lips and tongue. What am I doing?? I put my palms in his chest to push him away but get distracted by its firmness. My hands trail downwards instead and I pull him closer. I revel in his warmth and the expert way his mouth is engaging mine. Just the right amount of pressure. Sigh. This is wrong though. This is really wrong. This time I succeed in pulling my mouth off his and pushing him away. I see him smirk just before I shut the door in his face. I peep inconspicuously at him and see he stares at the door for some seconds before walking silently away. 

I go back to my food but my stomach is too filled with butterflies to accommodate anymore food. I carry the plate and drop it on the sink after disposing of the left-over. I turn and lean against the sink with my back, my hands grabbing its edge tightly on both sides. I lift my left hand to my lips as I remember. I don’t need this. My phone vibrates against my hip. 

You couldn’t even offer me food. The only function my mouth serves. 😉 

Oh no, Romeo. It’s not even close. I wonder briefly what other things his mouth would do. Where it could go… Very briefly.

I don’t need this. 


“I’m going to have Ken arrested.” I say to Mel as soon as she opens her eyes the next morning. It’s a bright day. I breathe in deeply and feel the harmattan in my nostrils. Later, I go to the nearest police station to make a statement after which three officers are deployed for me. I take them to his work place and watch as they handcuff him and take him away.


11 thoughts on “Mirror 9a

  1. I agree he needs to be punished but where is the proof,she’s washed it all away!and no witnesses too,Fola only saw her enter the house…


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