Mirror 9b

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I can’t believe I kissed her for almost ten minutes. We were practically making out. We obviously have something going on. So, I don’t understand why she won’t leave that jerk alone. I wanted so much for her to pick that call in front of me but she disconnected instead. I guess she needed space. I needed space too but I came over to still see her. I don’t know why she won’t tell me what happened to her face. I strongly think it’s Tony. I swear I want to kill that guy. I almost blurted out that she was my Ella but I don’t know what’s holding me back. Maybe it’s the fact that even I am not sure of my past. My doctor says I used to talk. Even Sam once told me when we were younger that I used to mumble in my sleep but I just looked at him crazy and told him he was probably dreaming. He stopped telling me since that day. I guess it’s because I always assumed I was always this way. Somehow, I feel what is keeping me from speaking is my past. Sigh. How in the hell am I supposed to do this? It’s different when they tell you no hope at all and you just accept fate but when you have a fighting chance… Especially when you have someone you want to prove something to so badly. I walk into my house and lock the gate then walk into the apartment. Sam is no where to be seen. I climb the stairs to my room and walk in. The cleaning woman did a great job. My room is sparkling and more importantly, my bathroom is dry. Sigh. I look at the window to ensure my room is curtained off before I pull my clothes. I may have enjoyed that moment- very briefly- but I’m not an exhibition. I shower and lie on my bed- comforter, sheets, everything beneath me. I think hard to my past and the only thing I can really remember is one period when my dad came over to Mama Pikin’s house and he hugged me so tightly after which he asked if I saw my mother. It wasn’t the question as much as the expression he had while asking it. I didn’t even remember my mother so well then let alone now. She is just a distant memory. I think the key lies with her but I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t know when I sleep off but when I wake up, it is bright. One of the downsides is not being able to set an alarm. You have to use yourself or someone else that would be visibly present to shake you awake. Vibration don’t wake anyone. If it’s not loud and ringing, it’s not waking anyone up. I jump up, brush and go sit in front of my computer. I have to finish my work with the publishing firm today. Thankfully, the software isn’t complex. Few hours later, the smell of food distracts me and I walk downstairs to find Sam at the table. I make a face at him as I walk into the kitchen to dish out my food. I sit accross from him and dig in. My phone vibrates.

How was your night? Have you gone through the documents Barrister gave you?

I look up and see Sam with his phone. I shrug no. I chuckle as I remember Sam’s expression when he saw the attorney. I was dying from laughter. I had googled him before the meeting. I must admit that he surprised me at first but it wasn’t as much as Sam. I remember his reply when I asked why now.

Your cousins were placeholders.

It was a simple statement with a lot of weight and it made me smile. We went from there. I was glad we were able to flow without the help of Sam.

Sam’s message comes in. What did the doctor say?

I reply him. He said I needed a surgery. It’s all so overwhelming.

It’s not. It is simple. Do your surgery and assume your role as the CEO.

You make it look like its that easy. It’s not.

You got it hard but it could be harder.



Olumide was getting weaker by heart and body. His mother sent him a text informing him that she didn’t tell her guys to kill his son but what if they did? He was somehow hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. He heard his rival was searching for his son too and he will soon place money on him. He was disheartened. He had dispatched another team to search for him. He was not taking any chances. He still wasn’t speaking with his mother. He heard she had another team of her guys to search for Afolabi. Afolabi, please. He willed fervently.

His phone rang.

“Talk to me.”

“We still haven’t found him but we found his..”

“Don’t call me until you have found my son!” He snapped.

“Yes sir.”

He disconnected and reclined in his chair. His construction company was failing and he suspected that was what his mother was really worried about. The woman was the most evil psychopath incapable of sympathy. Well, he had no sons to leave anything to and he was going to die soon anyway. He was going to enjoy the ride down.


When Faheeda heard her twin sister was dead, she couldn’t believe it. She was devastated. She looked at Omolola as she played around and fear grew in her heart. She was the obedient one while her twin was the black sheep. Even her father didn’t know she was helping her sister. Her heart beat frantically from an unknown future. She heard they were not sure if Raji was dead too. One thing she knew was that she had to relocate. Katsina was no longer safe for her.


5 thoughts on “Mirror 9b

  1. Wow!i l love this episode!its full of revelations,and it’s deliciously long and yummy.but he didn’t kiss her for 10 mins o,do u know how long 10 mins is?!!!hmm


    • The story isn’t about me. Uzoduwa felt the kiss was brief but Fola felt it was not… It’s none of my business. I’m just in the corner sipping ribena and eating grilled fish. Lmao.


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