Mirror so far…

I met a friend who is following Mirror today and we discussed it. I had to write this post. So, this is a ‘step by step’ on what has been going on so far..
Olumide’s construction Company took him to Nassarawa where he met Fareedah. He married her against her father’s wishes and took her to Lagos. Olumide’s mother didn’t like her and didn’t hide it. She made life difficult for Fareedah but she had a strong spirit. Besides, she truly loved Olumide. One day, she found out that behind the construction firm, they were into human trafficking. She left the house letting them believe she left because of her mother in law. It was later she found out she was pregnant. She was thankful because she wasn’t even planning to raise a child in that environment. Olumide and his mother found out about her pregnancy and Olumide pled with her to give him custody of the child. Remember, they didn’t know the real reason she left the house. She vowed she wasn’t returning neither was her child. Her father had disowned her so she was left to fend for herself. She had a twin sister-Faheedah- she was in touch with but that was where it ended. When it was time to deliver, she found out she was going to have twins. She gave her twin daughter to Faheedah and kept the son to herself. She named the daughter Aisha Omolola and named the son Raji Afolabi. Suggesting their Hausa and Yoruba descent. After much persuasion, she agreed that Olumide should have visitation rights but she never told him he had a daughter too. Olumide’s mother was not satisfied with the arrangement so she filed a lawsuit especially since she knew she was going to win Fareedah hands down. When Fareedah realised she was losing, she decided to fight dirty. She let Olumide’s mother know that she knew they were into human trafficking. The woman reacted by sending some goons to kill her and kidnap Fola. Fola was kidnapped and found himself at mama pikin where he met Ella. They were reluctant friends that soon became pretty close. Police came to raid the place and Ella ran away running into a vehicle which is why she was in a hospital with amnesia when Tony’s mother found her. Fola ran away and met Sam at the junction. Fola urged Sam to take him to Lagos. He planned to reconcile with his family and then go back for Ella but he didn’t meet what he expected. He had to struggle on the streets for a living and education before he became a computer programmer. He got contacted by his father’s lawyer after so many years of searching for him. Ella met Mel after she became independent of Tony’s mother.
This is a summary of what we have been reading since.. 😀 hehe… If you understood all this before the post, say ‘hi’ but if you didn’t, say ‘hey’ and I hope it was helpful? Ask question if you had any. Please help!

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