Routine love 6

Throughout the week, I have just been thinking of my look for Saturday, where we would go to and all. I hate to admit it but I let myself be carried away a bit even though I know and have accepted that it would never work. Not going into details. Besides, everyone already knows why Akin and I can never work. Anu didn’t come to school throughout this week and Tito has been so distracted with school work. What with it being the beginning of a school year. Maybe I will just go for a casual, I’m not trying too hard look but I remember last weekend at the wedding. How his eyes watched me when he thought I was not looking. How he gently led me to my seat and made sure I had something to eat. Honestly, I felt awkward sitting at the table with some of his mates back then but he didn’t seem to care or notice. I was his guest on the table. The others naturally fell in. He insisted on dropping me off at home but because of the fact that I already made up my mind that nothing was going to happen between us, I was ready to cut off everything. I had even forgotten the fact that he had my phone number. It was so sweet when he texted to ask about my health. I think I am just going to maintain the little sister role but that look he gave me that one time. I knew that dress was a killer the moment I set my eyes on it. It’s just a pity there are so many factors against us. Against me because really why am I thinking so far? This guy never gave me a hint that we were ever going to be together in such a way- except the look.  Granted, I was too young in secondary school then he travelled out and now, things are just so different. Okay. Breathe out. Breathe in. Oluwafeyisara Ajayi, it won’t work. Well then, that settles it. I pick a nice looking top and my jean. It’s going to be a casual Saturday.

Why am I feeling so jittery? Poor dude prolly has no freaking idea how I feel. 

My phone rings.

“Hello. I’m at that place.” He says. I think he is at the place he dropped my dress off for me.

“Oh. Make a Uturn at the roundabout.”

“A what?”

“Just… Do you see the green house on the other side?” I ask.

A pause. Then… ” Yes. Yes, I do.” He replies.

“Okay. There is a turning beside it. Just come down the street. I will meet you.” I describe.

“Okay.” He says and disconnects.

I throw on shorts and walk outside. Soon, I see him and wave to get his attention.

“Tfare, you are not dressed.” He admonishes as soon as he comes out of his car. I smile stupidly in reply for want of something to say. “How are you supposed to show me Ife?” I lead him to my room all the way feeling the intensity of his gaze on my butt. I feel so uncomfortable. “Nice place.” 

“Thanks.” I say and smile shyly.

He looks at me for a second longer than necessary and I can’t hold his stare. “Tfare?”

“Yes?” I say in a small voice and drop my head.

“Why are you so uncomfortable around me?” He asks.

“I’m not.” I whimper. I’m so embarassed.

“You SO are.” He says and steps into my space. Hmm! He smells really nice. No! You are over him. Come closer. No!

“Well, you don’t expect me to just jump on you or something. Your presence here is shocking and incredulous.” I say defensively.

“Shocking? Didn’t Ronke tell you I was coming? Well, does it really matter? This is me. Akin. You were like a younger sister to me. Little Boluwatife all grown up.” He says as if he wants to drill it into my head. Of course I know who you are and what you were to me. I NEVER FORGOT.

I raise my head and smile. “I know who you are. What I am confused about is what you are doing here even though it is none of my business.”

“I came to just chill. I have other things I want to do that you prolly would help me with.”


“In due time. Are we going out or what?”

“Give me a second.” I say and grab my jean and top. I walk into the bathroom and put them on. I pack my hair in a pony tail and leave my face bare. It is without blemish, so, really, I’m not doing myself any huge disservice. “I’m good to go.” I say and smile nervously.

“Okay.” He says and gestures for me to leave. I intend to steal a brief glance at him but I get caught and I take my eyes away. If I’m not careful, he would hurt me deeply.

“What’s this?” He asks not bothering to hide his disappointment.

“A ba-ar?” I say, unsure of myself.

“I can see it is a bar. What are we doing here?”

Okay. “I thought you wanted to see Ife?” I ask.

“I do.” He replies and I raise my eyebrow. He shakes his head impatiently. “You think I came to Ife to come and hang out in a bar?”

“Where are you staying self?” I ask. 

“At my dad’s. You are getting off track. I am not going inside.” He says almost petulantly I want to laugh.

“Okay. Give me a clue. What do you want to do?”

“This is Ife.”

“Okay. I know where we can go. I just hope you are wearing the right shoes.”

He squeezes my right shoulder in appreciation and winks at me. He puts the car in reverse and smoothly joins the traffic, following my instructions to one of my favourite sights in Ife. His muscles bunch and taut against his shirt. The one on his arm- closer to me- is twitching from weilding the wheel. 

Oh boy. I’m in over my head.


PS: I wouldn’t do this if there was another way. Trust me. ❤

2 thoughts on “Routine love 6

  1. I just finished with Mirror and I must say I am wowed. I went through your instagram videos for this blog and thought I should pop in. We met in the niger writers awards in feb. I am enjoyin ds routine love and I think its going to bust my brain too. Weldone ma


    • Thanks, Adedamola. I remember you. I hope you can handle what’s coming in routine love. 😉 lol.. Just kidding. Welcome aboard and I hope you stay on. ❤


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