Routine love 9

Please note that everything written so far is in Feyi’s head. They are her thoughts. The story doesn’t depict anything anyone else is feeling except what is said to her directly. 

It’s been two weeks since Akin dropped his ‘baby’ bombshell on me. I need someone to talk to about it but Anu is missing in action while Tito is just emotionally unavailable because it is exam period and she is especially high strung. Even when Priye was trying to revise with me before the exam this morning, he knew something was off. I must admit, I am a little rattled. No. A lot rattled.  Days like these make me wish I had a constant in my life. A constant I can speak to about matters like these. Sigh. I’m waiting to withdraw money in one of the bank branches in school after the exam but I’m just gonna have to scratch this. The sun is too hot for the queue at this ATM abeg. I know I am low on cash at hand maybe #200 but I am also low on patience. I have to read for my last paper which is tomorrow. Besides, I have extra cash stacked somewhere in my room for days like these. I just need money to get home. One fifty is all I need when I have a sure person like baba Muri. DancingI take a commercial bus for 20 box to the gate and walk to the garage. I look at the usual spot but don’t find him. OMG. NO. I fish for my phone and search for his phone number.  It isn’t reachable. I try three more times. Sigh. I’m just going to have to take a bus and walk small. How do I do this? Oh okay! I know. I will take a bus for 80 box and take a seventy naira bike home. I think that’s the best I can do. Fortunately for me, I get a bus almost immediately. I am not even properly seated when I hear a voice beside me greet me in Yoruba dialect. “Ekasan, Aunty Feyi.” *Good afternoon
I turn to see Baba Muri’s fifteen year old son, Muri. Whoa.

“Kasan, Muri.” I return his greetings and he smiles widely because I call him by his name which shows recognition. Maybe he was scared I wouldn’t remember him. On his defense, we met just once. “Daddy e nko?” I ask after his father.

“Ore won die. Mo ba won lo ra ogun iba.” He tells me that he has malaria.

“Haa. Ma wa wo won leyin exam lola. Bami ki won.” I sympathise and promise to visit him after my exams the next day.

I am almost at my drop but I am torn. I don’t have enough money on me but I feel I am supposed to pay for his tfare. Tfare. Tfare? Akin. I miss him.

“Aunty get down now.” The driver shouts. My mind must have wondered.

“Take it easy, now.” Muri tells him in my defense in Yoruba.

I pay for both of us and get down.

“Eshey ma.” I hear Muri thank me as the bus speeds away leaving with not a dime on me.

How am I going to go about this? At least my pocket was just strained before. Now, it is empty. It’s really dangerous to accept lift from strangers especially in Ife. I can’t walk home. God, please bring to me someone I know who can help me. The words have not left my mouth when a car pulls up in front if me. Could it be Akin? The car is tinted so I can’t really see anything. The door by my side opens and I see it’s that Yoruba demon from the wedding. 

“My wedding friend!” He calls, cheerfully. “Let me drop you off.”

I can’t help but smile with at his cheerfulness and in relief. I know he is not a friend but he can’t be fully called a stranger, can he? Besides, my throat is parched. I need a drink. I get in. He looks charming. Different from what I remember. He leans over to shut the door properly. He smiles at me showing his perfect dentition. I dunno but I feel this chemistry. Like maybe there is something here. Wow. I’m confused. Can I like two guys at the same time. The interior of his car smells nice and is so cool. A desperately welcoming change from the outside. How do I do this love thingy? I’m really confused. For the second time today, I wish I have someone I can talk to. “Do you live here?” I ask. “In Ife.” I clarify.

“Temporarily.” He replies, concentrating on the road. “Where are you going?” He asks after a while and I give him the description to my place.

We don’t say anything for a while and this starts to feel awkward.

“Are you a student?” He asks, breaking the silence.

“Yes.” I reply.

“What level?”

“I’m writing my 400L final exams.”

“Oh. So, you’re in 500L.”

“Well, you could say that.”

“Let me be the first to congratulate you then. Congratulations.”


“You are welcome.”

I want to say something more but I don’t know what to say. “See you around, then.” I say and alight because we are at my house.

!(~~) asketball.

12 thoughts on “Routine love 9

  1. Eeem! Scratching my head. Hmmm! Just as I really getting into this it ended. Is this a signal for competition for Akin? Please save us the misery and drop the next episode soon. Nice read.


    • Thanks. Okada does not do PayPal. Are you going to put it up on Amazon like some writer do? Its easy for us without the Nigerian pay system to buy it from there.


      • Okadabooks supports paypal. Maybe you should check other refill options. As for amazon, I’m not promising anything. I’m so busy and these things take time. Thanks, Jennifer.


      • Finally managed to sort out the Okada via PayPal not straight forward but hey! I got Stakes now. Lovely read. When is the next episode of routine love?


      • Hey thanks, Akuaa112! Oh you are from Ghana? I imagine it must be hard to use Okadabooks then and I’m sorry about that. Thanks for buying Stakes and I really hope it was worth it. Kindly leave a review on the app when you have a minute. Routine love 10 should be on soon. I’m working on a project and it is taking ALL my time. I’m deeply sorry for the delay. I hope to post today. Let’s see what happens tonight. Thanks, Akuaa112. 😀


  2. No Routine Love yet? I have got a question about Stakes where was her husband for six years? Couldn’t her mum who had been the only surviving witness have been more sensitive to her daughter’s grieve? It was interesting reading it but felt it ended too quickly with so many unanswered questions. Great work.


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