Routine love 10

I remove my sandals, place them appropriately on my shoe rack and proceed to go through the motion of pulling my clothes. It’s been a heck of a day but the bright side is my exam went well. I can’t believe it’s over and done with. Akintomide has been distant these past weeks, says he doesn’t want to distract me from reading but I should see him tomorrow since I’m done. I walk to my small couch by the window and gaze out to the on goings on my street. What is his name again? I’m trying to remember. Femi? No. Feranmi? Felix?? No. I sit up suddenly. Festus! No. That doesn’t sound right. I think it was a Yoruba name. I would have asked in the car that day but I felt it was insensitive. He was so into me at the wedding but I was not even looking at him. I was concentrating on what can’t be mine. Akintomide. This is so messed up. Now, that I have had the chance to meet him without the Tom stiles effect all over me, I think he is a pretty cool guy. Too cool. He didn’t even ask me anything. I think grudging. If not for the initial smile, I would have felt like we were total strangers all through the ride. He was a lifesaver that day but I wish someone else picked me up. He didn’t even ask for my number or anything. Is that how interest vanishes? My phone rings and I jump up. My heart speeds up when I see it is Akintomide. 
“Hello, dear.” His deep baritone voice comes through. What have I been thinking? This is the one human being I love. My two weeks old crush with Mr F dies immediately. “I guess you are done with your exams?”
“I am.”
“Cool. I should be in Ife tomorrow. I will see you?”
“We need to start making plans. I will be travelling back to Ife tonight. See you then.” He says in a final tone.
This question has been on my mind since the first day he brought the baby mama proposal to me. “Why didn’t you just impregnate a lady in America? I don’t get it.”
There is a pregnant pause then a sigh. “I just wanted to come home. See you soon, tfare.” He replies. 
“Okay.” I say and I hang up.
My phone rings almost immediately.
“Ffeeeyyyiiiiiii!” Anu screams through the phone. She wasn’t around for the first week of the exam when we had two 3unit course and one 2unit. She is older than me. She is supposed to be the adult here but I keep finding myself in that position. “Where are you?” She asks.
 “Home.” I reply, automatically. She was supposed to have another exam after our department final paper today because she borrowed a course from another department.
“Okay. Tito and I will come over when I’m done.”
“Okay. How was your paper?”
“Mtchew.” She hisses. “Did the lecturer think we were going for world war 3? It was war in there. How was yours?” She asks.
“It was okay.” I reply. I found it easy but I couldn’t say that now.
“Even the fourth theory question? You found that okay?” She asks, sarcastically.
“Something is burning. I will call you later.” I evade.
“Oh alright.” She says and I hang up.
I dunno for how I long I slept but I wake to dusk filtering through my window and an insistent knock on my door. I rub furiously at my eyes like a toddler forced to wake up early. I think the weeks of burning the midnight candle are finally taking a toll on me.
I open the door and it is Akintomide. He enters bearing bags of several things. “I miss this place.” He states, looking around.
I check the time on my wall clock hanging graciously in the corner. 9:11pm. Wow. I have been sleeping for seven hours. “I didn’t know you were travelling.” I say and he turns to me. “Not that I was expecting you to tell me.” I add as an afterthought.
He starts to say something but then he stops, giving me a look instead. It feels like we are having a moment. He steps towards me and my phone rings needing the distraction. I rush over to pick it up, it’s my dad.
“Boluwatife, how have you been?”
“Fine sir.”
“You said you would be through today?”
“Are you coming home?” He asks.
“Not sure yet.” I reply.
“Alright. I will speak with you later.” He says and hangs up. He has been so busy lately and distracted.
“Was that your dad?” Akintomide asks.
“Yes.” I reply.
“So.” He says and puts his hands in his back pockets, rolling on the balls of his feet. This feels like we are back to square one. “Those are for you.” He nods towards the bags of what looks like clothing and junks to me. 
“What, is this a bribe?” I ask, grinning.
“Just say thank you.” He admonishes playfully.
“Where did you go?” I ask and he stiffens. I dunno why I asked. I shouldn’t care.
“That’s private.” He brushes me off.
“I’m- I’m sorry. I just… It’s okay.” I stammer out an apology.
He nods once. “So, wassup? Have you found anyone?” He asks.
“Eeerr. This is harder than finding the best prices in the market. I haven’t.” I snap out and go to sit down without inviting him to do the same. He is really pissing me off.
“Sorry about my abruptness. You are try to help. I should not be impatient. I have just had a long and stressful day.” I think he notices he was just irritating.
“No problem.” I’m such a sucker for this guy. I wonder what would have happened if it was Priye… “How urgent is this?” I ask. I still don’t believe I’m doing this. I’m actually doing this.
“As soon as possible. Of course, she would get paid after she signs the NDA.” He says,
“Why don’t you just do this the celeb way?” I shrug.
“I already told you.” He groans out, walking around my room, spreading his charm. He doesn’t look so different from TV.
“I can’t remember. Tell me again.” I can’t resist taunting him.
“I wanted to come home to do this.” He sees that he doesn’t convince me and endeavors to try again but I stop him with a wave of my hand, get up from my bed and walk to my dressing mirror, backing him. I make to pull off my earrings. I see him glance briefly at my derrière before meeting my eyes in the mirror. “My sister said to say hi for her. She asked if your dress caught any fishes at the wedding. I made sure to tell her about the guy that was almost worshipping at your feet.”
I feel a stab of guilt. I should have called her. “Does she know about this?” I ask.
“No. This is a private matter.”
“I call bull on your explanation. You wanting to come home? I think you are just looking for a dumb Nigerian lady to exploit.”
“Wait. That is not even what this is about and it’s hardly exploitation if the said lady is getting a million dollars from me.” He gesticulated as he stresses each word. 
My mouth fall open. I’m startled. A knock on my door distracts me as I start to talk. It’s 10:19pm. Who could it be? “Who is that?”
“Me.” Comes a reply. Bolatito. Great. I forgot they were coming. “My friends.” I whisper to Akintomide.
“I will just be on my way then. I hope you don’t back out of this.” He implores.
He lets himself out as I let Tito and Anu in but not before eliciting gasps of shock from them.
“He truly is here.” Anu says as the door closes gently behind him and I perceive the faint smell of alcohol on her breath.
I hate to say I told you so but well… “I told you so.” I say smugly. 
Okay. A little bit too smugly.
Sorry guys 😦 I’m trying.

5 thoughts on “Routine love 10

  1. This episode wet my whistle and my curiosity antenna are up ping! I feel Akin is hiding something why the rush for a baby ? Is it Boluwatife he wants but scared of commitment? Has he been diagnosed with something and scared he makes might not be able to have kids after treatment? Having a baby whether with strings attached or not is a massive commitment so why would he want to complicate his life. I will like to have glimpse into his thoughts and can’t wait for the next episode. Interesting piece.


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