Routine love 11

“Where are you guys coming from with alcohol on your breaths?”I ask with a raised eyebrow.
“He really is here.” Bolatito says instead of answering my question and I glare at her. “Oh. We wanted to come right over after her exam but she insisted some guys she was friends with from the other department wanted to celebrate.” She shrugs.
“Celebrate what? We haven’t even seen our results.” I say.
“At least, we are in our final year. Can you guys stop talking over my head like I’m not here? I’m tipsy not dead.” Anu hisses.
I throw my hands in defeat and walk into the bathroom. It’s been a long day and the night will be longer. One million dollars! 
I wake up to retching sounds. Aaaww man! Not in my bathroom please but I know she is there because the sound is close. I groan. 
“God, why do I have this kind of friends?” I ask loud enough that they hear.
Tito laughs but Anu just groans. Minutes later, they walk out of the bathroom with Anu looking like shit and Tito grinning widely. It’s obvious who was retching. “Friends for sale!” I announce and Anu pounces on me. I don’t know where she gets her strength. She is so annoy- “Aaargh. Not my hair, Anu! My hair! My hair!” I shout in pain as she pulls and twists my hair. I miss her so much when she is not around but when she is, it’s trouble. 
“Take back your words!” She demands emphasizing with a tighter pull.
“Okay.” I accede. “I couldn’t ask for better friends.” My face I getting red from pain. I’m ashamed to see us right now. Tito is just sitting on my couch and laughing at us, we behave like guys or children when we are not being seen by anyone but like cats and wolves when eyes are on us. I guess you could say I have the best of both worlds.
“You sound insincere.” Anu says and Tito nods. I’m so going to kill her. Yes. Tito. 
“Because I’m being forced here.” I say.
“Let’s just leave you.” She says and it’s appropriate. Her grip is like that of ten men. She stands up from my bed and walks into the kitchen. “I’m starving!”
I take that time to rush to my sound system and play a metallic rock on the loudest volume. 
She rushes into the room, clutching her head. She looks around for a minute then rushes to turn down the stereo.
“Do you want to kill me?” She asks in a dead serious voice and I suddenly feel bad.
“Let me get you analgesics.” I offer as a bribe.
“When? After I kill you?” She asks with a feral look as she takes a step towards me.
“Will you guys just stop?!” Tito yells and Anu and I both look momentarily stunned. She doesn’t ever yell. “Now.” She says with a smile at our silence. “Why wasn’t I ever told that Tom stiles is in Ife and is visiting my best friend?”
“I told you.”
“She is not your best friend.”
Anu and I both say in unison.
“I told you guys but you wouldn’t believe.” I say after Anu gestures for me to go on.
“I actually thought that was a dream. So, I actually saw him yesterday?” Anu asks.
They both move closer to me, waiting. “What?” I ask.
“C’mon! The full gist. Is he asking you out?” Tito asks.
Anu gasps as if something occurred to here. “Are you guys dating?”
I look to Tito. “No.” And I turn to Anu. “No.”
“So, what’s happening?”
“Nothing is happening? Why does anything have to happen? I told you I know him from way back.”
“And that’s the reason he was in your house in the middle of the night?” Bolatito asks.
“We are just friends.” I state simply.
“Hmm.” Anu clearly disbelieves me. “So, what is he doing in Ife? Isn’t a huge tournament or something going on?”
“I dunno. I asked him but he gave me a vague reply.”
They actually get the memo that I don’t want to talk about this so, they stop asking me questions.

2 thoughts on “Routine love 11

  1. Oh! Just as I was really getting into it it ended. I was hope for insight into Akin’s intension for the baby. The suspense is killing me. I hope the next episode reveals something. Lovely read though.


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