Routine love 12

Happy blog anniversary, guys and please do what you truly love. ❤ ❤ ❤

There is a general lull to the day. Usually, I don’t like to stay this long in school after exams but I have a job, a paying one even though I don’t want it to be so. I go in search of good fiction in my small library. I’m well into the book and my imaginations are starting to kick up when I hear a gentle knock on my door. I put the book down and listen. Second, third, fourth knocks come in rapid succession. Who could be knocking on my door around this hour? I ask myself even though  a little part of me already whispered the answer to me. Akintomide. I don’t understand why he is such a night crawler. It’s too dangerous. I dunno how he does it.  I’m up and at my window before I can think better of it. I push the curtains aside. Yup. Akintomide. I open the door and let him in. My stomach does a little flip thing that I’m really going to have to get used to, since it seems to be a side effect of seeing him. What he does is now routine. He pulls off his shoes and flop down on the small couch by the window like he has been doing for three weeks every other night. There is something weird about all this but I have decided to just live in the moment and enjoy it. The money he deposited in my account has not even been touched even though the screen of my phone is failing me. 

“How was your day?” He asks and grins at me.

“Fine.” I say, returning his smile.

“You look great.” Please take note that I’m wearing a horrible tom and jerry night dress which ends midthigh and pajama bottoms with little sandwich like flip flops imprinted on every part. How in the world am I looking great? “I notice it’s getting really deserted out on your street. I think people have really gone home. It’s not safe anymore. I think you should come and stay at my place. It’s a big place and I get lonely. Besides, I feel personally responsible for your safety. You are….” My heart races in expectation of the next words and his eyes don’t fail me but his words do. “… Like a younger sister to me.” He ends lamely. I have never been so hurt in my life. I walk to my bed and pick up my phone. My heart is squeezing painfully but I ignore it.

“I found some other girls… ladies,,” I say and clear my throat.

“How do you?”

“Just leave that to me.”I say while looking for the best candidate on my phone. I can’t wait for this whole ordeal to be over. Yes, ordeal! I can’t even untangle my nerves enough to sit down. This would have been over if he had not been frustrating my plans. 

“Please sit down.” He says.

I glance at him and he is smiling so sweetly at me. So unaware.

I go to lie on my bed. I stretch my phone to him when I find the picture. “Do you like her?”

He glances at the picture briefly. “No.” He replies and stands up, stretching making his shirt ride high.

“At this rate, we are never going to find anyone for you. I thought this was urgent.” I complain as I stare unashamedly at his abs. It’s been three hard weeks. I didn’t know it would be as hard as this. Trying to find the right person. Akintomide has rejected every single person I have shown him. He just looks at their picture and glances disinterestedly away. It’s not like he is going to sleep with them. OR is he? My heart is racing. Emotions keep spinning round. Is he? I clear my throat. “It’s not like you’re going to sleep with these women.” I chuckle nervously. “Or are you?” I ask in a small voice, averting my gaze.

“There is only one woman I want to sleep with.” Comes his reply and I look up. I’ve never felt so desired than right now, and I keep trying to fool myself that the feeling is unwanted. I look down right back and soon I’m feeling his warmth beside me. He raises my face up with his hand and traces my lower lip with his thumb. His thumb pauses and he drops his head. Now he’s ashamed. But then his head lifts, our eyes connect and his gaze drops to my lips. Oh, no. Please, no. I’ll never be able to stop this. He begins searching my eyes, looking for any sign that I’m going to block him. Am I? I know I should, but I don’t think I can. His lips part and they slowly start lowering to mine. I hold my breath. As our lips brush, only very lightly, my body gives way, prompting my hand to fly up and reach for his face, pulling it closer. He growls his approval as he moves his hands to shoulders and pulls my body closer to him, our lips hovering over each other, our breaths mingling. We both shake uncontrollably.

“No.” I say in a small but determined word.

“Okay. Let me just hold you. I have wanted to do this ever since that Saturday. Please?”

“Okay.” No harm in a little cuddling.

When i wake, he is still sound asleep and looks like an angel, so peaceful and beautiful. I drink him in greedily, the shape of his eyebrows, his straight nose and square jaw, his perfect kissable mouth, his lips looking so inviting that before I know what I am doing I lean forward and kiss him gently. He stirs in his sleep and I quickly lay back down closing my eyes faking sleep. I feel his eyes on me the moment they come open. They are like blanket one a cold morning. I give it a minute then I open mine.

“I’m nothing if I don’t return that kiss.” He says and his lips find mine.

“What is this? What are we doing?” I ask. My emotions are deeply involved and hazy so I would really love for him to be clear right now.

“What I have been dying to do for weeks.” He says and reaches behind me to squeeze my butt and pull me closer. I lose concentration at contact but only for a few minutes. I’m not LOSIng this.

“I know. What does it mean.”

He gives me a chaste kiss on my lips. “That I would like to give what’s between us a trial.”

“Wow. You are a morning person.” I state.

“I guess the kiss woke something up.” He says.

“But isn’t this sudden? One day I’m looking for prospects for you, the next I’m filling the position.”

“There is nothing sudden about this. I’ve always been interested, you just never noticed.” He pauses, taking in the way my eyes widen the slightest bit. His revelation surprises me. “Every time I see you, Bolu, I remember what you looked like when you were ten, the first time I met you. All gangly and skinny with your future ahead of you. I couldn’t but now you definitely are not that girl anymore. I just hope that you are willing to try too.”

What if this does not working? There would be embarrassment, consternation followed by distance and decorum. I’m thinking of words to say when there is a knock on my door. Who could it be? Mr odd hours is in my bed.

He drags his eyes from mine. “I’ll get it.” He says, making to stand up.
“No!” I say, effectively halting his movements. “Who is it?” I ask.
“Bolatito.” Comes the reply.

“Tito?” I say in dismay. “I mean.. Tito!”
“Come and open this door.”

I can’t lock Akintomide in the bathroom and at the same time, can’t let her meet him in my room at 7am.

“I’m coming!” Hopefully, I would be able to answer her by the door and she would rush off. I open the door slightly and peek around it. “Tito.” I say and smile.

She tries to push the door open but I hold it firmly close.

Akintomide appears behind me, shirtless. “Hey, who is your friend?” He says in a bid to be friendly.

There’s a stunned silence and I can feel my face growing hot.

“Tito.” She replies, looking stunned and flushed.

“Hey, Tito. Been looking after my girl for me?” he asks politely with a smile. She just carried on staring at him as if he hadn’t spoken. “O…. Kay,” he mused, chuckling.

She stares in such a way that I feel embarrassed for noticing and before I can stop her, she’s enveloping a startled Akintomide in a hug. She takes advantage of our shock to let herself in. 

“Wow. She has been crushing on you since forever.” Tito says and I groan. Please note that she puts her foot all through out her presence in the room. This is appalling. If she carries on like this, I dunno what Akintomide will think. I hope not that I’m trying to pressure or lure him. He might even think I told Tito to bring up the subject deliberately. I’m about to have a nervous break down. Akintomide takes my hand, giving me a reassuring squeeze and I reward him with a grateful smile. When she finally leaves, I’m about to be a wreck. What if he takes this the wrong way?

I’m beginning to explain when I notice his mouth twitch, the beginnings of his signature smile and it’s like a balm.

A balm to my body and soul.


5 thoughts on “Routine love 12

  1. Wow! II knew he had the hots for her and will not be able to keep it under wraps for long. I hope he loves her and not just to use her though. Is he scared of commitment or what? Is he worried if he get into relationship and it doesn’t work he will loss his friendship with her? Or was he scare she might not have feelings for him? Mine! an glimpse into Akin’s mind will be good. The suspense ooo …….I can’t wait to find out where their relationship goes from here now that he knows she has always had a crush on him. Lovely read.


  2. I am curious to know if she will take Akin on considering how she feels about him. Akin too he should come out and Sa he has strong feeling for her instead of this younger sister crap. Can’t wait for the next episode.


  3. Happy anniversary baby….more power to your imagination. ..gosh I’m a hopeless romantic.see me grinning from ear to ear…I so love this episode…I always love that
    re-assuring arm’s the little things that count


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