Routine love 22

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I wake the day after Akin left with an inexplicable feeling. Something more intense than desolation. Maybe I miss him. He promised that I would come visit him after my exams. Spend the holiday with him. I plan to tell him about the pregnancy then even though a part of me says it’s a bad idea but how do I explain the bump when I see him? It’s a small bump but he is bound to notice one day if I’m spending weeks with him. My phone rings and it’s Ronke. 
“Hi, Ronke.” I’m guessing Akin has told her we are an item now. I brace myself for whatever is coming because I know how uncomfortable it makes her. I just don’t get it. She knows I love her brother but somehow, she still makes me feel like trash. Feel like I’m unworthy. I guess that’s the real reason our friendship fell through. 
“How are you? Sorry I’m calling a bit too early.” When did we become so robotic? So formal?  “My brother just called me now. He said you guys are now an item.” Somehow, I imagine her talking down her nose at me. 
“Yes.” I reply, simply. Honestly, I love Ronke but I don’t get her obsession.
“Well, congratulations! I’m glad he told you everything and you still took it in good faith. I love you, sis. See you next time you’re in Lagos. Should be heading back tomorrow.”
Wait. What does she mean he told me everything? He didn’t tell me a thing but I don’t want to ask her. 
“Yeah.” I reply, flatly.
“Okay! See you then.” She squeals and I start having some serious concerns. I call Akintomide immediately. I don’t consider time difference or consult his calendar he sent to me. 
“Hello.” He says into the phone. “Can I call you later?” He whispers.
“No, you can’t!” I’m beside myself.
“Whoa! Someone is having a bad..” He pauses, maybe to look at his watch. “Morning?” He ends.
“Yeah. What are you hiding from me?” I demand.
There is silence for a minute, then I hear him taking excuse, then I hear his footsteps as he leaves their company. “I’m not hiding anything.” He says into the phone.
“Akintomide you HAVE to tell me.” I demand.
“I’m not hiding anything. I’m an open book to you.”
Im furious but I know I have to keep a calm head. Ronke really sounded serious. “Look I understand the need to hide something. I’m hiding… I want to tell you something too. We have to be open to each other. That’s the only thing that can make this work. Don’t you want this to work?”
He sighs, audibly. “I want this to work, Love. I swear it. I will call you later when I’m done with the meeting. I love you.”
“Okay.” I agree. I disconnect, go have my bath and go to the market to get some foodstuff. When I’m done and I’m standing by the road to get a can, I see that guy from the wedding drive pass me. I subconsciously start to raise my hand to say hi but my phone rings and I search for it instead.
“Hello dad.” I haven’t told him anything and I’m really scared of the confrontation. He is generally a good father. He doesn’t have my time but he cares a lot for me. I haven’t even told him that my phone is bad and I have not even touched Akin’s money.
“Hi sweetheart. Hope you are good? You should be done with exams now? Are you coming home?”
“Nope. Not yet.”
“Oh okay. I want to travel for business but will be back within the week. We should hang out one day. I will come to Ife.”
“Whatever you say dad.” I say trying to act nonchalant.
“I know I haven’t really had time….”
“It’s alright that. I’m not a kid.” I say and I hear him sigh.
“I will talk to you later.” He says and blows me a kiss. My dad tries his best to be there for me but he has always been a busy person. EVer since my mum left us when I was barely one to be with a richer person. Now, my dad is quite comfortable but he is already addicted to hardwork.
Akintomide’s POV
I’m just gonna have to kill Ronke. Is it a sin that I told her something? Is it a crime? I knew I was going to have to tell Tife but I wanted to in my own time. There is no rush. Now, I’ve been nicely roped into tell her. The meeting passes in a blur which is not meant to be since it’s for my contract renewal negotiations.
I call her as soon as I have a minute and go straight to the point when she picks.
“Yeah, I have had bad experiences in the past with ladies and that has defined some of the relationships I had after them. I became a monster. Now, you don’t have to be scared or worried. I am a totally changed person. It’s not yet a complete transition but I’m from whom I used to be. Sigh. I’m glad I let that out.
“What do you mean you became a monster?”
“I had strong trust issues and it made me do some things I’m really not proud of. There was a time I thought I wouldn’t be able to commit myself into a relationship or ever marry but look at me. ”
“Was that the reason you wanted a baby mama?”
“Okay. I understand.”
“I knew you would. So, what did you want to tell me about? 
There is a long pause and I’m fearing the worst but what she said just threw me off instead.  
“I hear we will soon be on strike?”
“Really? That’s what you wanted to tell me? I feel cheated.” I say and she laughs. “I know you are lying to me.”
“Honestly though, we are going on strike. The lecturers are complaining that they are old.” She says.
“Owed. I said owed.”
“Oh owed but you are writing exams. What kind of strike action is this?” I ask and she sighs. “They just want to waste your time further. Is this going to affect our plans?”
“Oh, hell no. I’m going to do something about it.”
“What? Force the government to pay up?”
“Nope. You say you have just one semester left right?”
“Okay. Keep reading your books.”


13 thoughts on “Routine love 22

  1. Hmmm! If he is that unwell how come je is negotiating a new contract? Surely he will have to pass the medicals for that to happen. If he is going to tell her what it is then she should be honest and let him decide if he still wants to progress with the relationship. I will expect a request for paternity test if he has trust issues considering she has had some many opportunities to have told him. It will be nice to know Ronke’s reason for not approving her relationship with her brother or why she thinks She looks down on her. Surely, if make her dress for her for free arrange for it to be delivered it sure counts for something. Will just have to wait and see how it goes.


    • What will dad’s reaction be when he finds out his baby is expecting? Will he push for marriage for her? Too many questions to cause serious drama. Good read but as usual leave me hanging. Well done Bybarh. Iy will be lovely if you post it more frequently.


    • I plead the fifth to your questions. I will let the characters answer themselves at the right time. Thanks for your comment as always. I owe you a copy of Stakes. Thanks for buying on okadabooks. ❤


  2. The impression we were given abt ronke before is that they were very good friends, no ill feelings whatsoever so I don’t knw where this is coming from..curious abt what akin is going to do abt the to have her exams moved forward for her alone, or fly her abroad for one semester? ? ? I’m confused


    • Aramsterr, I wrote in the first part of this story that although they were good friends, Ronke drew the limit when it came to her nrother. Let’s just wait and see what happens at the end of the whole book.


      • At the end of the whole Bybarh? I read the whole book again but there was no mention of her drawing the line where her brother is concern. Feyi talks about going to different universities and distant as one of the many factors. Akin mention his sister been over protective hence him not been able to ask her for Feyi’s social media contact. In all this concept of looking down her now is new. But the impression one gets is a jealous little sister or one who does not any awkward situation to destroy her relationship with her friend or brother. The wait to find out the next outcome is killing me.


      • You’ve read my work enough to know I don’t write what I know. I write what the characters think they know. She imagined Ronke would be looking down at her. She didn’t actually see it. Besides, let’s not forget Boluwatife is in a really low place right now. Let’s just enjoy ourselves and not take things too seriously. Lol. Or maybe as seriously. I don’t know… ❤ as always, I encourage your comments.


      • Aaannnnddd she said in this post and I quote. “I guess that’s the real reason our relationship fell through.”
        Lmao, Akua! Didn’t you see that too? Lol. I love you guys.


      • Well! This is a new concept in her mind as in the first few line in the first chapter she said Uni had brought the strain in their friendship. I have re-read this story so many times I will get an A+ if tested on it. Hahahaha! I just love your stories even though you frustrate me by not posting frequently. Hahahaha! No wahala just joking appreciate you have a life besides writing. You doing great and should be proud of yourself.

        Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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