Routine love 26

I should have spoken out when he said that he was coming to Nigeria. He always accuses me about being too independent and that I  don’t include him in any of my decisions but what he doesn’t know or hasn’t realized is he is worse than me.  

I should have spoken out when he said that he was coming to Nigeria but I couldn’t and I’m not going to give any stupid excuse except to say it just didn’t feel right. Something was just amiss. I look down at my protruding tummy as I wait for him in the arrival lounge. I purposely chose the long black free flowing maxi dress.  Fenwa called me so much over the past few hours that I temporarily block his no after sending him a reassuring message. He worries too much. I see Akintomide’s head first before I fully see him. An air hostess is dragging a trolley behind him and he is grinning impishly, eyes searching the crowd. A guy walks up to him and fist bumps him before handing him his face cap. Another lady rushes over and jumps on him, making him stagger almost losing his balance. Akintomide extricates himself from her one limb at a time and sets her down awkwardly. She is searching for something he can autograph. I stand far back and bask in the warmth all over my body and hug my tummy to myself. I have not been this happy in a long time. In fact, I’m scared people will start seeing the joy radiating from me but I can’t help but grin. He has finished autographing a ton of things and is now making his way towards me. I don’t even know when he saw me.

“Come here.” He says, simply and drags me close, giving me a sizzling kiss. People start to applaud and cheer around us. I end the kiss and he lifts me up to himself. I scan the faces of the people behind him and see the envy written on their faces. People are taking pictures of us. “I miss you.” He says into my ear and it’s ticklish, so, I giggle and he bites its lobe. He lets me slide down his body and he grabs my hand as we walk out into scorching sun. I know I shouldn’t have come to Lagos. I should have let him come meet me in Ife but my conscience couldn’t allow it. I want to break the news to him first and explain to him that’s why I have been avoiding Ronke and his mum. I owe him that at least. I guess it’s time for the big reveal. “I have a surprise for you.”
Akintomide’s POV

“I have a surprise for you.” She says, gently as she squeezes my hand in the back of the Mercedes Benz. I squeeze right back but I’m engrossed in my phone. My agent is having a conniption fit. I chuckle slightly. I can literally see her pulling her hair. As far as she is not chewing it  because she does. Which reminds me, what is Tife eating? It seems she has gained weight. 

“So, where is your new phone?” I ask and she shows me, smiling tightly. “Hmm, nice. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” She shrugs and I pull her as close as she would allow me. Something is definitely wrong. 

“Tell me.” I say, nibbling her neck. I can feel her start to react and I smile against her skin.

“Don’t let me bother you.”

“Bother? You’re no bother. You are my everything.” I say and pull her ears. “I have to make a call. We will continue this later.” I look her up and down. “Why do you look uncomfortable? Smile.” I demand, pulling her lips to a curve.

I grab my phone. “He said that?” I’m saying into the phone. I know she would be tired of me by now but it’s limited to this very hour. Or through the ride. 

When I look up, I’m looking at Sheraton hotel.

“What are we doing here?” I ask in surprise, turning to look at her. She looks resigned and I feel terrible. “I’m sorry.” I say, grabbing her hand.

“It’s cool.” She replies coolly, disentangling her hand. She gets down and shuts the door gently behind.  I stay silent for a few seconds. I don’t want to fuck this up. I switch off my phones and get down too. I walk around to her side and grab her hand, she offers me a small smile.

“So, what’s happening here?”

“It’s meant to be a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.”


When she opens the door to our suite, I thought I would see a bed covered with roses. Wine chilling in a bucket of ice. Balloons screaming her love for me everywhere but that’s not what I see. Zilch. Nothing. Plain.  I turn around to look at her. “This is getting weird.” I say.

“What were you expecting?” She laughs. “I just want a quiet place with only you and I.”

“And you booked Sheraton for that? You’re just a student. You always find a way of spending whatever I give you back on me.” I’m starting to get really upset.

“Would you just relax?!” She screams and I relax immediately.

“Okay.” I say simply, staring at her inquisitively.

“Sit down.” She asks and I do. She exhales deeply and join me. “Tell me all I need to know about you. Not Tomstiles. Mind you.”

“Do you love me?”

“More than I ever bargained for.”

“Then, talk to me. I want to know everything.”

I stay silent for a minute, deep in thought. It’s been so long since I had this. What started as we sitting edgily with each other ended with lying accross each other with our hands tightly meshed at around 10pm. I don’t know why but she cries herself to sleep. I’m not able to sleep though. I’m not sure if it is the jet lag or the time difference. I put in my head set and try hard to let it relax me. I notice  the light from my iPod and the sound coming from the earphones are disturbing her, so, I shift to the chair by the lamp and continue. I switch my phone back on and a barrage of messages come in. I reply all the important ones. I continue this way for almost two hours. A song just finished when I hear the two sentences that stop my heart. 

I know it’s weird posting twice like this especially for routine love but I guess that’s what happens when a ‘big’ writer commends your work. Keeping my fingers crossed. If you’ve not read Stakes & Simi’s resolve, you can search for them on okadabooks. Ok bye.


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