Routine love 33

I’m so soooooooooooooooo sorry. ❤️❤️❤️

This is the best part of my day.

When I sit in front of the TV and eat popcorn all day.

The doctors say it’s unhealthy for the babies but I can’t help it. I need the sugar rush. I got two babies. Imisire and Tolulope. A baby girl and boy. I should be leaving for home. It’s only Tito that knows I have given birth and she hasn’t told anyone not even Anu. I’m so in love with her right now. 

My dad allowed me meet my mother after I gave birth and I must admit, it has not been like I expected. I have forgiven her and I can honestly say we are friends but I’m still a bit wary. She is wise though. She has that going for her but she doesn’t even look fifteen years older than me. I want to ask so badly but I don’t want to hurt their feelings. They barely look each other in the eyes when they are in the same room. In fact, they just have a grudging respect for each other. She just entered  to help me pack the last of my stuff. My dad is at an important meeting. She grabs the last duffel and walks out. My dad is doing this on purpose. He could have sent anyone with her or something. It’s so sweet when they get so childish.

“We’re done here.” 

She carries Imisire while I carry Tolulope as I waddle out of my private ward.

A nurse rushes to me as soon as she sees me and collects him from me and my mum gives her money at the car.

“This is a terrible arrangement.” I say as I settle at the back of the car. 

“Your father is not the best of planners.” She says as she passes my babies to me and I grunt in reply. I’ve been finding it hard to look at Imisire. She looks too much like her father. 

My mum is stealing glances at me through the rear view mirror but I pretend not to notice.
“Amazing things happen in tiny rooms…” She starts again and I’m like 😐  “The room you were born in was a bare, ugly, tiny room.”

I sigh. Where is this going please?

“If their father won’t step up, why won’t you go with the other guy that loves you? What did you call him? femi?”

“I’m not like you mother.”

“Oh but you’re just. You’ve got my spunk.” She has gotten in front of our house now and is honking loudly. The gateman comes out and she opens her trunk so he can get my stuff out. 

“You left dad and I when I was barely a week old to be with a richer man.” I say, turn and walk into our house with my babies.

My dad hasn’t permitted her into his house. “I will speak with my father”

Honestly, I don’t expect to meet anyone at home but hen Ronke sitting right in the center of the largest sofa in our parlor and taking a chilled drin. I almost drop my babie. My mouth move like fish out of water for like five minutes before I can manage a word.

“What are you doing here?”I ask, startling her. 

She turn towards in fright and her eyes widen as she spies the babies I’m holding.

I wish I had realized she hadn’t seen me earlier, I would have slinked away. 

I want to ask her how she got in here but then I remember we went to school together. 

“Are those?” Her eyes have widen to two saucers.

“How did you manage to get in?” I say for lack of anything else to say.

“You’ve been avoiding me. Desperation yields results.”

The babies have started to cry at this point and Ronke looks down at them.

“Oh my God. These are for Akintomide.” She says and looks up at me in wonder. “Twins! Mum will be so proud.”


Akintomide’s POV

I’m scrolling through my messages with her and it’s got me thinking about everything. For the ast three weeks I’ve been planning a week leave and I know I’m stretching it but I’ve lost myself loving her.

Just exactly as I never wanted.

But somehow, I’m glad that I am.

I’m taking every chance that I’m taking. When I called Tito, she gave me such a warm reception that I considered not telling her anything anymore. I figure a part of me wanted the past few weeks to be a dream and she gave me a chance to think that for a second. She agreed to help me and I want o hug her from a million miles away. The plan is that as soon as I can sort things out here and get to Naija, she would help me get us together then, I take it from there.

I’m trying to let go of my past but shit, that shit keeps creeping up.


A word that haunted me intensely in the past.

The real reason I’m called ‘The Silent Epidemic’ behind my back.

5 thoughts on “Routine love 33

  1. Lovely to logon and find 2 episodes.both interesting but I don’t want to wish for another episode anytime soon. Too many questions come to mind I will keep them they get answered in the subsequent episodes.


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