Routine Love 34

The only other lady I ever loved was Naturi and she was a whore.

I was newly recruited but that was the greatest period of my low self esteem ever. She helped me with it and I fell in love with her or thought I did.

I felt how could someone as hot as her look the way of this tall, gangly basketball recruit from Africa?

But she told me love didn’t look at race or any barrier for that matter.

I didn’t know then she said that in the truest form.

She had ****** the whole team and the coach and some more people with no barrier or racial predilection. 

Believe it or not, I’ve only slept with two women in my life.

The two I ever loved. 

The airplane hits the tarmac and I feel a thrill pass through me. Bolatito has assured me everything should go smoothly. With all the studies going around about domestic violence and all of that, I know I have zero chance of getting back with her except I convince her that that’s not who I am.

I don’t know what came over me. I have no excuse.

Tife was a beacon of hope when I started feeling with her. Things with her were just different. She was sweet and she was everything Naturi was not.

It was a huge shock when I heard she was pregnant.

It killed me. Someone I flew miles for in just a three day break even though I wasn’t at my healthiest at the time.

I’m willing to let go of the hurt now besides I couldn’t listen to her before because I lost control. We all need second chances.

Tife’s POV

“I don’t know how you guys managed it but this is a miracle.”

“What’s a mirace? We had sex.”

“Yes, I know but Tom is sterile.” She stills. “Didn’t you know?”


“He can’t father a child.”

“Why all of a sudden he can’t father a child when he was literally persuading me to find him a baby mama about a year ago?  What’s this nonsense then?”

I’m tired of keeping his secrets. Besides, he is not worth  it. I woke the fuck up after I had my twins and I’m proud of myself”

“Don’t be part of the crowd.”

“What..” Are we even having the same conversation?

“We live in a world where everything is so fake and staged and I’m totally feeling your independence and every other thing you got going on for you but I realize that I need to tell you the truth at the risk of sounding desperate. Tomide LOVES you and this has been since forever and these past few weeks have made me realize how much you mean to him.” I start to talk but she holds me off. She obviously still has a lot on her mind. “So, you have to reconsider.”

I start to talk when my phone rings.

“Hello, Anu.” A pause. “Why? Where? The one by that major road? I’m on my way.”

I should be resting but I have failed my friends a lot. I’m going to be there for Anu.

“Where are you going?”

“My friend is being attacked somewhere and I was just called by our third friend to meet her there.”

As I’m talking, I’ve strapped one of the twins to my back and the second is in my arms. I make sure my phone is in my pocket as I rush out of the house.

“But you can’t go anywhere. You’re not fit to go out” She tries convincing me but I don’t spare her a glance. Instead, I focus on every taxi wheeling its way towards on us. I see an empty one and I wave it down.

“Alright, I’m coming with you.” She says and falls in with me.

Soon, we are speeding down to Kings’ suite.

The one in my arms has started crying and Ronke takes her from me.

Soon, were there and I pay off the driver.

I call Tito to ask her where she is.

She tells me she is in front of the room and she told me to hurry after she gives me the room number.

Everywhere is silent, eerily silent, when we sneak our way to the door.

Even the baby in Ronke’s arms is silent.

I think I need to text Tito. She may have given me a wrong room number.

I hear a moan just as my message delivers to her and the shower starts to run.

A message comes in from her informing me that it’s the right one and I should enter. 


I turn away and motion for Ronke to let us go. Her shoulders relax in relief and we both turn to go but then, we hear it distinctly. It was singing in a deep baritone voice. An unmistakable voice.

Ronke turns right back and I follow her as if in a trance. She turns in the knob and it gives.

Lying in the middle of a large bed is a very naked Tito as Akintomide’s voice grows steadily in tune in the bathroom.

6 thoughts on “Routine Love 34

  1. Bybarh, how long do we have to wait for the next episode? I hope Tife does not faint from shock with the baby strapped at her back. Tito is wicked. I wander what Tom’s reaction will be when he comes out and see Tito his suppose helper’s evil act. Ronke, be a voice of reason to savage the situation. You know your brother better. I can’t wait.


  2. Day 14 and no update??? I hope all is well with you Bybarth. Please, please curiosity is killing me. Can we have double episode back to back t
    when you finally decide tk drop. I am bubbling with excitement about the drama about to unfold.


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