Loving Rose 2

If I told you my iPad and laptop were stolen with all my works gone, what would you say? 😩😩 Loving Rose was considerable written and also, I just needed extra finishing touch to the sequel to Stakes.

I maintain strongly that there is a reason for everything.


Of course, she knows there is a meeting by 2pm. She has a presentation. I said that for lack of anything else to say. The elevator dings and I walk into my floor which holds my offices.

‘Miss Ava is in your office.’ Carol says.

Carol is my personal assistant and even though I still don’t like the fact that she is younger than me, she always proves to me effortlessly that she is good at her job.

Except right now.

‘Why didn’t you tell her to wait here?’

Carol narrows her eyes at me and looks pointedly at my office which takes up almost the whole floor and is surrounded by glass. ‘There is little she can do in there that I wouldn’t be able to see.’

I don’t reply to that and walk off to my office.

‘Miss Ava.’ I greet as soon as I close the door behind me. ‘I hope this will be short as I have an important meeting by 2pm.’

‘I will be quick. Just few minutes of your time. I know how busy you are.’ She replies, jumping out of her seat.

I gesture for her to move from the relaxed area to the guest side of my desk as I sit on the other side.

‘What do you have for me today?’

I’m rarely angry but most times, I just won’t tolerate bullshit. This lady sitting in front of me has made it her job to disrupt my life. She hasn’t come right out to say what she wants from me but I can already guess…

She sits looking at me, without saying a word. The only reason I tolerate her is she is the daughter of an older friend that I respect so much.

I don’t have time for women, Ava.

I wish I could tell her so without hurting her, you know.

‘I’m waiting.’ I say with a smile.

‘I’m sorry.’ She smiles tentatively and breathes in deeply. The moment has finally arrived. She is going to say it. ‘Do you want to go out someplace? My treat.’

Sigh. I knew it.

“I’m very busy’ I say, stretching the last word and trying not to hurt her feelings at the same time. I glance very subtly at my wristwatch. Three minutes more.

“Let me get out of your hair.” She says and stands abruptly.

I feel bad and make to pacify her but I change my mind. Let her go.

I walk into the conference room and Jide is helping her set up in front.

I walk in silently and take my place at the long conference table. I nod at the people that catch my eyes on the rows on my left and right.

I’m moderating this presentation but this is the last place I want to be with what she said on the phone just minutes ago on my mind.

I clear my throat as it seems that Jide is getting more cozy up there rather than setting the whole projector up.

They both turn simultaneously and I can hear cackling from around the table.

“Im ready when you are.” I say and her eyes widen.

She is just as breathtaking as ever. Everything is always right on her body. The right fit. Perfect.

Jide turns back and in a minute, he is done.

She turns fully to us and starts.


This surely has taken a turn different from what I had written. Can I get my stuff back already???

3 thoughts on “Loving Rose 2

  1. I’m sorry about your laptop and Ipad. Same stuff happened to me a couple of weeks back. Now, I have to figure out how to re-write everything I had written. Frustrating much.


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