Routine Love III


Everytime I see him, I get a mini heart attack.

It has come in handy too as the electricity jolts my brain into action.

I open my mouth and a whole other level of stammering stumbles out. This is actually my first time in a long time.

I dont know what I was doing at the time I got roped into presenting my ideas to the board.

With Tunbosun at the head of the table; so far away, yet so close…

“Rose.” Someone urges and coughs.

‘Good morning.’ I greet and just like that, our CEO, Rovert Hariri walks in. He is a lebanese portly man who is almost always impatient and never wears a smile. Could this day get any worse?

“Wow, this is a pleasant surprise.” Tunbosun says and stands from the head of the table but he just waves him back down and takes

a seat elsewhere

He focuses on my mouth the whole presentation, silent.
Something about the fact that he’s so quiet seems sexy to me.

He’s clearly the most powerful person in the room, but his attitude is calm, in control, subdued, even though his energy is a pulsing, magnetizing, electric thing.

Sigh. If wishes were horses.

I grew up reading Mills and Boon.

My mum put a reading glass on me and shoved a book up my nose as soon as I could read.

Yunbosun is the kind of guys they describe in those books. I know it goes something like Tall, Dark and Handsome but really, it is Powerful, Wealthy, Loveable, Handsome, Very Handsome. Sigh. Do I need to say more? He is the stuff of romance novels.

You see, the only thing wrong with this picture is that I’m the opposite. I mean you couldn’t say I’m ugly but I’m also not the stereotypical fine girl of our century. Tall, slim, fair. You know? The works?

At five-three and thick, fairness is the only thing I may have going for me and that’s even blemished and I say so in the realest sense of it. I wish I could say I had a dust of pimples like the whites say she has a dust of freckles on her nose. With the same aloofness but alas!

So, right now, you must know how I’m feeling.

I’m not 10/10 in the looks department but trust me, I’m always 100% in the smart department even though that means jackshit.

I think I was born in the wrong generation.

‘Miss Rosemary?’ A voice jolts me back.

I look around the table while trying to remember where I was.

‘In conclusion.’ He says gently from a position that seems so near yet so faraway.

‘Oh yeah, thanks.’ I smile, gratefully and finish to a resounding round of applaud.

‘Thanks.’ I say again and smile. Jide helps me pack up the things I used and from the corner of my eyes, I see Tunbosun step out with Mr Rovert.

I step out just to hear the tail end of their discussion.

‘You are the executor in this company. You know you can do what you like with her.’ Mr Rovert says and just as Tunbosun makes to reply, the elevator arrives.

That statement could mean a lot of things, most of which pertains to what has been happening since that phone call with my Therapist. Speaking of therapy, I look at my wristwatch and just like a dash of luck, the long hand joins the short one on 12.


Our recess room is a small one but it holds all the joy of this offices.

I walk silently inside and Rasheedah is sitting in her favorite spot and engaging Rene, Ufoma, Tolu, in another of her Lagos escapades.

“Hello.” I say and they search around irritated at the person interrupting them before their eyes meet mine, then they smile in acknowledgement.

‘How is Mr serious-but-handsome from your department?’ Tolu flips out before joining the group again.

I take my lunch to sit beside them and try to glean the topic for the day.

Honestly, I like Tunbosun a lot, but this is usually the highlight of my day.

“Noble is a fool and that’s my honest opinion. So, it shouldn’t bother anyone or determine their choices.” Ufuoma says.

Oh, so, we are talking about Noble? I shift closer, forgetting my lunch tray about two feet away from me.

“He acts like he knows everything but not in this case. He doesn’t. I’m taking this seriously cause that’s exactly what it deserves.”

Oh, so, we’re not talking about Noble Igwe?

‘Honestly, I think the guy has a point but it’s not really his place though.” Rasheedah says.

‘What’s not his place?!’ I want to scream.

Oh, I screamed.

Five faces are turned to me and assessing me.

‘Dear, are you okay?’ Rene asks.

Rene had a ‘faik’ British accent. That’s what we know about her. That’s all.

‘I am.’ I ask like I didn’t just scream in our office and everything is right with the world and I smile. I drag my food to me and pretend like I’m not following their conversation anymore.

Things may be a little bit slow for a while but I will bounce back. I just need time. Meanwhile, I’m working with someone I trust their work so well, who may start something really nice too. I hope this happens. Thanks, guys. You people are the best readers any blogger could ever have. 😍😍😍❀❀❀

6 thoughts on “Routine Love III

  1. Thanks sweetie… I hope your able to get your balance soon… it is well.looking forward to more episodes from our favourite writer πŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh so sad. Am really sorry Ms Bybarh for the laptop and other things that were stolen from you and I can only imagine how it felt. Let me just take time out to also commend you for the work you’ve been doing so far. Stakes down to routine love althouhh that ended quite unexpectedly.Reading your novels to me is like having a vip access to other peoples lives. So precise in a vivid way. No unnecessary extras which is common to novels you too gbasky ma Read your work all through the break. Nigeria awaits you. You deserve some accolades. Please I hope the next episode is soon o and one the posts was wrongly titled can’t remember Which.


  3. I hope all is well Bybarh. No update on loving Rose? It appears I will have to read the whole thing to remember what the story line is. Don’t keep us waiting too long. Revision can be tough for some of us.


    • All is well. Thanks a lot for asking. I have a lot of projects I’m working on but I am still writing. When it is ready, I will put it out there. Thanks again 😊😊😊


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