Hey guys! I promised you I would get another writer that would literally blow your mind soon and here I am presenting Nenye. She is a friend and I’ve read some of her work- although short, were impressive.

Guys, this is the first time she would be working on a series. You guys should be gentle and patient with her. She is going to be posting every Sunday.

Below is Nenye introducing herself.

Nenye only recently borrowed a new term that best describes her, “The Pedantic Perfectionist.” This is her first blog appearance and she plans to have as much fun with it as possible. Asides writing and juggling a 9-5, She people-studies as a fulltime side job (whatever that means😂) and enjoys great meals, movies, stories, and googling every new word she comes across.


Watch this space tomorrow, guys.

PS: Something different may be coming soon.

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