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The first time I read Nenye’s work, I knew there was something there. I said at the beginning of this series that she writes short stories and this would be her first series. Sincerely, How Old Are You Now? blew my mind. Every episode gave me something to look forward to. I looovvee it.

There are many things to talk about but there is one paragraph that keeps jumping to the forefront and it’s from the eighth episode- my favorite, really.
I am here again, aren’t I? The shameless and cowardly whore who would rather wish a person dead than walk away from a rapidly unfolding disaster. I am here, writhing this way and that like a jelly fish underneath him, and I think that perhaps, this is who I will always be.

To me, it shows a constant battle that humans always face. The battle of the good and evil… The battle between the good and the evil… Choosing what is right and letting go of bad deeds.

The rate at which we always almost choose the bad decisions even though our conscience clearly warns us of the consequences is quite alarming. The fact that we accept it…

A good friend of mine once told me that there was a time he was searching for love seriously. He really wanted to settle down but when it seemed like he found someone that was really close to winning his heart, she killed him with ‘I’m crazy but you just have to accept me like that because I’m not changing for anyone’ He said he politely left her that day and never chatted her up again.

No one is asking you to change for anyone. We demand that you try to be a better person for the world. No one is perfect but everyone should try harder because not judging doesn’t necessarily mean accepting the bad. It doesn’t.

It’s a constant battle because its easier to be bad especially if you’re an adult in this century.

Sincerely, I felt there are a lot of things that Nenye touched in this book that are so close to home. It almost feels like she sits someone down in her head and makes the person tell her the naked truth.

I see Akua complaining that the book is unfinished. Yeah, it also feels the same way to me but then, I remember that is exactly the way real life feels to me and I accept it.

I have a whole pile of things to say but I’m just going to say one thing which is-

Let’s be better people.

Thanks, Nenye for beautifying my blog with this wonderful piece. I’m waiting on that paperback. You know I want mine with an autograph.❤

7 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. Oh my God Bybarrh this one review is mind-blowing. I know you say I did it all by myself but I didn’t even know what “all” was until you messaged me. Thank you so much, for everything. You’re a blessing.


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