Loving Rose IV

I go to the recess room where I know she would be and pretend to get myself a cup of water as I stride purposefully to the dispenser.

The employees greet amicably and I reply with a smile. I glance around the table and notice she is picking at her food and is not sitting close to the others. Is she one of those people?

As this occurs to me, it also occurs to me that this should not be any of my business. I should not do what I’m doing right now. I fling my disposable cup in the bin a foot away and walk out of the room. I swear I think I hear the room sigh behind me. Even an inanimate object feels my pain.

This is not a situationship for me. I’m not actively dating any woman but I am also not averse to dating and getting married someday.

Some of my friends, pretty wealthy, have said they would remain bachelors for life as they don’t trust any woman. I understand where they are coming from as I’ve been jilted in the past- duped on several occasions- but I don’t share their sentiments. If IT comes, if IT doesn’t come. I’m not pushing anything away or drawing things close.

The only reason I have not approached Rosemary for an affair is because I’m her boss and until my feeling either die off or one of us leaves the company, I’m not budging.

Meanwhile, there are several other ladies I can be with. It’s not like I love her.

His name doesn’t rhyme with sex. His name is actually Tunbosun Yakub

Why was my name and sex in the same sentence that falls from her lips?

I can’t say that I’m not bothered by that fact.

As much as i like to think I’m indispensable in this company, i know the history behind Mr Rovert’s No Workers’ Fraternity policy because i invented it.

I remember Ava and shudder.

It was funny how i met her but what happened afterwards wasn’t funny at all.

I met her at a bar one night when I was feeling really blue. I took her back to my place- big mistake in more ways them one- and we had a night of passionate sex.

My life was a mess after that night. The next Monday, she resumed at the company- I was totally shocked- and also resumed making my life a living hell.

And she was the married one.


3 thoughts on “Loving Rose IV

  1. Oh mine! I thought to check your blog tonight and bam! You had sneaked something in. I will have to go back a read all the previous episodes and then to have them at my finger tip. Joking. It appears there is a magnet pulling these two together. I wonder when the sparks will actually begin. I hope we are getting a longer episode next time. Or shall I visit you at home to read off your computer? Impatient for the next episode. Love read though. Well done.


  2. Hi Bybarh,
    Its been a month + a day since you last posted the last episode. And yes, I am counting. 😀😀. I hope all is well is you are just busy with work and other stuff and not having a writer’s block. I am missing your stories , be it on your blog or published. Please give us a cheer for Christmas. Merry Christmas in advance.


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