Loving Rose V

Oh great.

He walks in when i look like the kid no one wants to play with.

I look away as i see him approach and feel his gaze on me for the briefest of moments. I chance a glance at him when I know that I’m no longer an object of his curiousity. He is standing slightly to my right and staring at the water dispenser with a look that could kill. The paper cup is slightly crumbling in his hand. He throws it in the paper basket about three feet away and it lands directly in. Then, he walks out with a swagger that elicits a sigh from the ladies behind him. Except me of course.

The last time i sighed, look what happened.

Besides if I want to get his attention, I have to move out of my comfort zone. Lose some pounds- actually, lose plenty- start wearing really high heels and slinky colorful dresses. Basically, someone I don’t want to be.

Is the sexual tension really worth it?

“People wanna go for Tall, Dark and Handsome. Tchh. I go for Attentive, GENEROUS and kind any day.” Tolu says, firmly.

“Truly, any mature girl out there would go for Attentive, Generous and Kind any day. ANY DAY.” Ufuoma reiterates.

“It didn’t seem like that when you guys were doey-eyeing the boss”

“Duuuuhhh. He is EVERYTHING. ” Ufuoma replies. “He’s all I need to get by.. Ai.. Ai” She sings.

“Gross.” Tolu says.

“Stop being so difficult, Tolu and accept it as it is. ”

“I’m not being difficult. I’m just expressing myself. Why is that so hard?”

I tune them out again… Sigh. I can’t believe we all find this man attractive. What is wrong with me.

The rest of the day goes in a lull and when the long hand of the clock strikes for 4 o’clock, I am so ready to be home.

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