Loving Rose VI

Read episode V before going ahead with this. Happy New Year! 🌠🌠🌠


I see rather than hear my kid sister scream from her position on the largest couch in my living room. The TV is on but my stereo is blaring, so, it drowns what the vice President is saying. I dunno why she bothered to scream. I could barely make it out. Besides, I heard her music a few miles from my house. I wonder what the Adenubis would be thinking right now.

“I met your neighbors. Very charming couple.”

I groan.

“Please, tell me you were polite to them.”

“I was polite to them.” She says like a robot and I groan again.

Sometimes, I wonder why I gave her an extra key.

“Please, just turn it down.” I say and flop down on another couch, grabbing my head.

To my surprise, she obliges and some more. That’s when I start to get really suspicious.

“What are you doing here?”

“You’re my big brother. Do I need an excuse to come visiting?”

“Are you sure?” I ask, uncertainly and she groans.

“There is this my friend. She is so hot. Like really really hot.” She says and grabs her phone. She flips pictures away as she searches intently for the hot friend.

I grab the offending hand and put it away. “I can very well find a girlfriend, Kofo. Put that phone away.”

She squeezes her mouth like she just swallowed a bag of salt and I smile inwardly. She hates the name Kofo.

‘It’s either you call me Kofoworola or you call me Kay. I’m not playing Tunbosun.”

I don’t like my name too, so, I can safely say naming isn’t exactly my parents’ forte.

“Kay sounds masculine and Kofoworola is too long. Kofo is just perfect for a busybody like you.”

Since I got to my door to this moment doesn’t take us three minutes but I’m dog-tired, so, I pull off my shoes and socks and slide them skillfully behind her to push her off. I succeed and even more success was the look on her face.

“This is why I don’t come visiting!” She screams.

I plug my ears childishly with the corresponding index fingers and bring my tongue out even as I remember this is her 4th visit and it is only February. Kay brings out the child in me.

“I’m going to my room and don’t touch what I left in the microwave!”

The last part was her telling me where she left the dinner.

“You know I love you!” I shout after her. I didn’t go for the dinner. I slept off on the couch.


Rose is kissing me so ardently and somehow, in between, she is telling me how she has always had a crush on me but couldn’t say and was really glad I said something.

I can safely say I woke up from my dream with a raging hard-on and a duvet over my body, my sister is such a sweetheart.

For a minute, I mull over what I heard Rose say at the office and even though it should raise some stalker-alert alarm, it makes me smile. It’s a pity.

“Why are you smiling?”

Kay asks out of nowhere and I fall off the couch. Then, she laughs so hard, I can almost hear her ribs break.



I can never make her put some respect in my name.

“What?” I ask sorely. “Why are you even awake?”

“I wanted to ask you something and it’s so urgent. I knew you would soon leave for work, so…”

I sense the urgency in her voice and my radar for her goes up a notch.

“Wassup, 2 shit” I called her that when she was really small. I can’t go into the history now.

“Tunbosun, how do you know that someone is a gold-digger? How do you know if a man is just with you for the money?”

I knew this day was bound to happen but I never knew it would be this soon. She is just twenty four for crying out loud. Barely out of her diapers. Moments like these are what make me wish our parents were still alive and available.

I look straight at her and just wonder. How am I going to start a conversation that has niggled me for so long? Something I don’t even have a complete answer for yet.

“Who is he?”

“No one. Just tell me.” She demands, staring at me.

“When did you get so old and mature?” I ask, then, my alarm starts ringing itself off somewhere and I stand up. “I will answer your questions later but please don’t do anything stupid.” I say firmly albeit tenderly. “Like elope or something.” I add as an afterthought and jog to my room.

When I’m done showering and ready to go to work, I stop by my favorite couch which she is on and she is gazing at me with really sad eyes.

I wish I knew the answer to your questions, sweetie. I wish I did…

In fact, there was a time I thought I did but I soon learnt…

“Why do you go to your stupid work anyway? You have enough money to buy that company ten times.” She says petulantly and turns on the TV which seems to still be operating with a high volume.

I try to say something but I keep shut and turn away.

If only she knew.

6 thoughts on “Loving Rose VI

  1. Happy New year to you too. Not that the year is still young but hey hoo! We made it into 2019 and thankful to God.
    So finally we get an update. I nearly gave up. Lol! Loving this story. I have already fallen in love with Tunbosan.


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