The Made 10

It is my turn to wash the sheets this week. Maybe that’s why I had time to go help someone do dishes last night because I don’t have to wake up early on sheet days. I hate washing clothes but the upside to this is the fact that I don’t have to wake up early.

See in this life, nothing wey eye never see.

What if he has a girlfriend? I have just been here for two weeks. Let’s reassess when I started having feelings for him. It was the moment I laid my eyes on him even though I tried to deny it. Then, the little things he did around the house and the way he carried himself. You just can’t help but fall in love. So, it’s just me. Him always coming around whenever I’m on duty is just mere coincidence.

The way he has been acting ever since that incidence further butresses my thoughts.

I walk room by room to gather used sheets. I am not going to examine the fact that I waited for a period to come and get the sheets.

You are beginning to fall in love.

When I get to his room to grab his sheets, it feels like a big teddy bear I want to hug so badly.

Exquisite art deco everywhere. There is a picture of him on something that looks like what they call mantle in novels. He is smiling wildly in it and he looks so much younger. I pick it up and stare sheepishly. My heart flutters a bit. I flash back to the moment I met him till this moment. Every contact we ever had. It’s all me. I’m the one with the crush. I’m the one wishing things. I drop it back gently.

I gather his sheets and pillowcases. My head clears as soon as I perceive feminine fragrance.

It was never like I had a chance especially now that I know that he was just being nice to me and nothing more. I leave his room with so much vigor that one would think it affects his presence in my mind.

I look at the collection of books packed by his sister’s bed and want to fling them out the window. Don’t mind me… Days like this, I don’t really fancy romance novels. In fact, their sight upsets me so. Well, I’m glad this has happened. It is a shock to take me back to my earlier convictions. Men are not so great anyways. My father is an example of that.

I go next to chief’s room. When I enter, the room seems empty and everywhere is still but on second look, I notice that someone is on the bed. I turn back immediately to leave the room but then, something tells me to go look as something doesn’t feel right. It just doesn’t feel right. I stealthily walk to the bedside. I’m just going to see if he is alright and leave immediately. Chief’s eyes are closed as if he is sleeping but I just know there is something wrong. I run down all those stairs to get water forgetting that the room is en suite. When I get to the kitchen, I search rapidly for nothing, upsetting everything in my path. Then, I get a pack of ice block from the freezer and run back upstairs. When I get to his bedside, it seems like he is struggling for breath and it really scares me. I drop my back of ice out of fright and start shouting. Why is it on days of doom that you never see anyone around? I did not even meet a soul up and down those stairs. I scream again. Then, it occurs to me what I should do as I start to hear feet running down the hallway. I don’t exactly know what I am doing but I climb over him, straddling him and place my mouth on his. I also place hands against his chest and start to push with my mouth on his, pushing air frantically. The position is awkward and his morning breath stinks but the thought that I may be saving his life reassures and urges me.

“What do you think you are doing?” He says behind me and I turn suddenly. I thought he went out… He comes closer and I see his handsome face contort.

“I promise you. I am not doing anything.” I gesture frantically at chief. “He is not breathing.”

He shifts his gaze from me and looks at his father. He peers closer after a beat and moves me out of the way.

“Go and call the driver and bring two security guards here. We are taking him to the hospital.” He says and starts doing chest compressions.

I do as directed. Soon, we are on the way to the hospital. All through the drive, he just keeps saying a lot of things and it is apparent to me the love he has for his father. The kind of love I wish he had for me. The kind of love I wish I had for my father.

He doesn’t let go until we get to the emergency department of the hospital and he is forced to wait outside. He grabs me and hold me close for a while and even though I shouldn’t, I savor it.

“What is happening?” The voice I hear above me is weak and broken. I snuggle closer, trying to give comfort but I guess it triggers him and he gently pushes me away. He fishes his phone out of his pocket and walks away as he starts speaking urgently into it.


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