The Made 4

“Don’t mind me. I was just pulling his legs.” Adetoluwani says and smiles, mischievously. She took one of the little dark things in the other bowl and throws it in her mouth. “Yuck.” She says and spits it out.

I smile at her because I don’t know what to say.

“So, is there anything to eat?”

I remove my hands from the soap suds and dry them slowly on my apron. “I will ask the cook” I say for the second time today.

“You know… Now, that I see your face, you really are Agnes’ daughter. You and I will be friends. Agnes was my everything when she was here. She was a wonderful person”

“I’m glad.”

“If you are half as nice, it would be a great thing. Do you read books too? Like your mum?”


“Oh cool. I will send someone to give you some.” She goes to the fridge and grabs something she hides from me and walks away. I don’t like free gifts.

She didn’t say I should tell the cook to prepare anything but something tells me to do just that.

I walk to the staff quarters at the back and I look for the cook.

“Hey, new girl!”

If someone calls me new girl one more time, I will bite their head off. I walk on.

“Hahan, fine girl. You don’t like talking to people. You will just be frowning up and down” He says and grabs my fingers. I almost die at that moment.

“Please, leave me alone.” I say and snatch my fingers away.

“Wait now. Hahan. I was just playing with you.” He says with a foolish grin on his face. I almost vomit at this ridiculous nonsense.

I walk faster and feel relieved when I get to the cook’s room.

If that guy comes close to me in anyway again, I will not be liable for anything I do.

I can’t believe I am working as a maid in a house my mother was a maid in over 20 years ago. One thing I’m sure of is this is not a generational curse.Something has gotta give and it will not be mine to.


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